Did Jenna Dewan Actually Hint At Her Breakup With Channing Tatum?

'Before it's gone...'
PHOTO: Getty Images

Now that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have announced their split, the internet is tearfully doing what it does best: trolling through every single one of their social media posts for signs that their marriage was ending. And while for the most part, the pair didn't hint at their separation (Jenna was even seen wearing a ring hours before), there is this cryptic reference to "breathe before it's gone":

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File under: Attempting not to read into everything while definitely reading into everything. And on that note, Jenna also posted this reflection on lovers and soul mates, writing "Life doesn't just 'happen' to you. It's here for you."

For more on the couple's recent split, head this way—and bring a mountain of tissues and emotional support chocolate with you.

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