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'Self-love is not selfish': Jennica Garcia Pens A Letter To Parents Amid Breakup Rumors

She included references to a broken marriage and letting go.
PHOTO: Instagram/jennicauytingco

Jennica Garcia had a heartfelt and emotional post on Instagram on April 24, Saturday. 

The actress and daughter of Jean Garcia penned a lengthy letter to parents amid rumors of a breakup with her husband, actor Alwyn Uytingco.

The post featured a photo of her with one of her children. "All parents are going through so much in this pandemic," she wrote. "Fathers are overworked, mothers are dead tired that it is so easy for Satan to whisper lies to your very soul."  

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Jennica went on to include different quotes to illustrate parents' different feelings, from "You deserve better," "You already tried your best," "Run away while you can, " to  "You're still young."

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"Dear parents, self-love is not selfish," she continued. "It only becomes selfish when you love yourself too much to the extent that your family becomes broken because of it."

She also made references to the struggles of working on a broken marriage, of letting go, and of a spouse going on a journey alone and without family. 

"If you are going through something in your marriage but both of you are helping each other to keep the marriage intact, all [praise] to God!" she said. "However, if only the husband or the wife is trying to fix what is now broken and your spouse already let go of you to start a journey that is all about them (me, myself, and I), a journey without your family in it, cling to God and do not beg further for your spouse's affection when you already tried getting them back many times."

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"This is a bitter pill to swallow but [the] truth is, there is nothing you can do to change your [spouse's] heart," she advised, also talking about "moments of loneliness."

The next few lines seemed to convey tones of separation.

"There are marriages that make it ['til] their last breath, then there are those who end up parting ways for good," Jennica continued. "Which one among the two will you end up in? Only God knows. So hold on tight to Jesus and pray for His will and not yours to be done. WHY? Because whether your family is restored or otherwise, there is no better life than the life God has planned for you."

Some of Jennica's previous posts appear to insinuate feelings of pain, fear, and uncertainty. She also mentions words like "heartache," "sadness," and "brokenhearted." 

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On March 27, she also asked netizens how she could change her IG username, currently @jennicauytingco. 

"I wish to change my USERNAME and NAME here on Instagram but with every attempt, I am asked to contact support because my account is verified," she wrote.

Jennica and Alywn wed in secret in 2014. They have two daughters together, Athena Mori and Alexis Severina. Jennica is part of the GMA Prime Series Las Hermanas

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