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How Rich Is Jennifer Lopez?

Meanwhile, I got excited by the coins I found in my pocket.
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Three words: Jennifer freakin' Lopez. Is that enough to get your attention? Great! Because I am here to let you know that Jennifer, J.Lo, Jenny From the Block—whatever you wish to call her—is filthy stinkin' rich...but you probably already knew that.

With a career spanning over two decades that highlights her talents in singing, acting, and dancing (love a good triple threat!), J.Lo is literally the GOAT, y'all. She got her start back in 1991 when she auditioned for and secured a role on In Living Color as a dancer, before moving on to become a backup dancer for THE Janet Jackson.

But because J.Lo has always been ambition personified, she wanted more from her career as an entertainer. Enter in 1997's Selena, in which J.Lo gave a stunning performance playing the late singer Selena Quintanilla. If you know anything about this film, you'll know it served as the launching pad for the rest of J.Lo's career and allowed her to be the first Latina woman in Hollywood to make over $1 million on a single film. Impressive!

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J.Lo's been pretty busy making money in the 22 years since then, obvi. So since you're curious about how much, here's a lil breakdown of J.Lo's money moves that will have you filling up your empty wallet with a pool's worth of tears.

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First of all, J.Lo's been in a sh*t ton of projects.

Did you know that J.Lo has been in THIRTY-NINE movies and 19 television programs??? Welp, you do now! J.Lo's last film, Hustlers, made a whopping $100 million (P5.08 billion) worldwide as of October, meaning that it's likely made wayyyy more moolah since then. You know, not too shabby for something that she both produced and starred in.

Her music endeavors make bank, too. 

Ever heard of a little album called On the 6? Duh, of course you have! J.Lo's debut record spawned some of your favorite bops like "Waiting For Tonight," "If You Had My Love," and "Let's Get Loud." The record went triple platinum and sold over 8 million copies worldwide. J.Lo has released seven more albums (!!!) since then, which in total have sold over 75 million copies.

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Oh, and let us not forget about her residency! Back in 2016, J.Lo embarked on her All I Have Las Vegas residency, which spanned 121 shows through September 2018. It earned her $101.9 million (P5.17 billion), making her Vegas residency the sixth-highest grossing residency of all time, and the top-grossing residency by a Latin artist.

Did you know she designs clothing and makes perfumes? 

I mean, duh. What celebrity doesn't have a fragrance at this point? But unlike other stars, J.Lo has 25 different scents that make up her insanely lucrative $2 billion (P101.53 billion) fragrance franchise, WWD reports. She released her newest fragrance, Promise, in September this year.

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And if you want an outfit to go with that fragrance, don't worry—J.Lo's gotchu! She has a line of women's wear clothing that's available for purchase at Kohl's and Macy's.

She'll be even richer once she marries Alex Rodriguez.

Let's start off with the fact that A-Rod proposed to J.Lo with a big fat ring valued at over $1 million (P50.77 million), according to Us Weekly. Brandon Hill of Steve Quick Jeweler took a look at the rock and thinks it's "estimated at around $1.4 million (P71.08 million)," but that's not all. "The diamond looks to be around 15 carats and is colorless with the highest clarity," Brandon added, which SHEEESH!

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When J.Lo and A-Rod finally tie the knot, she'll be married to the 17th highest-paid pro athlete of all time. A-Rod has earned $575 million (P29.19 billion) throughout his athletic career, according to Forbes. Celebrity Net Worth, on the other hand, determined A-Rod's net worth to hover around the $300 million (P15.23 billion) mark in 2017.

So, what's her total net worth? 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, J.Lo's net worth is $400 million (P20.31 billion). Furthermore, J.Lo allegedly rakes in $40 million (P2.03 billion) per year, which is honest to God so depressing for me because I, a mere mortal, make less than 0.5 percent of that annually. But it's okay, I am fine!

That said, please excuse me while I weep over my empty wallet and J.Lo laughs her way to the bank.


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