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Jennylyn Mercado And Dennis Trillo Open Up About Their Journey To Surrogacy

The couple explained that they first planned to freeze Jennylyn's eggs in 2018!

Fresh off from announcing their engagement on national TV in late October, Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo opened up about their surrogacy journey in the couple's second vlog.

Uploaded on November 5, Jennylyn and Dennis documented the long journey to surrogacy. The couple explained that they first planned to freeze Jennylyn's eggs in 2018 but nothing came out from this as they were told that they were not ready for it yet. 

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Their friends suggested that they try surrogacy in another country due to it not being legal in the Philippines. Dennis explained the process of surrogacy, "Ito yung process, procedure na maghahanap ka ng isang tao na yung surrogate na siya yung magca-carry nung hindi mo kaya dalhin. I-inject yung embryo na 'yon galing sa akin at kay Jen doon sa surrogate para siya magdadala sa nine months na 'yon."

The couple shared that the process was done in the United States in the middle of the pandemic. Dennis first went to Dallas, Texas to deposit his sperm but had to return right away for the second lock-in taping of Legal Wives. Jennylyn then traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada alone to start the cycle. 

Documenting her treatment, Jennylyn described what it was like getting her injections ready to be able to harvest a healthy embryo: "Masakit siya habang pumapasok yung gamot kasi malapot siya and powder form na mini-mix sa water. Yung feeling na pinupunit yung laman mo."

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When Manila went into another lockdown, Dennis followed Jennylyn to Las Vegas. He shared, "Nag-decide ako sumunod na lang kay Jen kasi dapat talaga siya lang gagawa ng buong proseso na 'yon. Tapos naisip ko na mahihirapan siya at kailangan niya yung supporta ko."

The couple stayed in the U.S. for a month, where they also got vaccinated. Jennylyn said that Dennis was able to accompany her for her check-ups as well as the time she started her thrice-a-day injections. The pair then flew to Dallas for Jennylyn's follow-up check-ups, as well as having the procedure of harvesting her eggs done there. 

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The couple commented how lucky they are to have friends who are nurses in the United States, and Dennis was even taught how to properly inject Jennylyn's medication. Jennylyn said, "Imagine, three times a day, bugbog na bugbog na yung tiyan ko. Parang ayoko na ako yung gumawa kasi sakit na sakit na ako so parang kailangan ibang tao na kasi hindi ko kaya itusok sa sarili ko. Gano'n na siya kabugbog." 

Dennis and Jennylyn also got to document the actress’ last day of injections, as well as when the actor went with his fiance to harvest her eggs. Jennylyn recalled the discomfort after waking up from the procedure: "Pagising ko ang sakit ng pelvic area ko, yung para akong nanganak."

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The couple shared that their doctor was able to harvest "one excellent embryo" and they got busy finding the perfect surrogate. Dennis shared, "Actually, nakilala pa namin sila, sobrang bait na couple. Isang pamilya na talaga sila at 'yon yung profession talaga ng babae."

The couple said that they were set to sign their contracts and implant the embryo in the last week of October, but the video was cut short with a teaser for their next vlog.

In the teaser, Jennylyn and Dennis broke the news to their family as Dennis handed over a brown envelope that contained a sonogram. The actor announced, "Hindi na natuloy yung surrogate. 'Yan yung ultrasound na 'yan, sa tiyan ni Jen."

Watch Jennylyn and Dennis' full video here: