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This Photo Of Jennylyn, Dennis, And Patrick Is Pretty Precious

Modern fam goals!

Are you willing to spend time with your ex and his new family? How about with your husband's ex and her boyfriend? Judging from their smiles in this precious photo, Jennylyn Mercado and Nikka Martinez Garcia seem to enjoy each other's company along with their combined family—Jen's boyfriend Dennis Trillo, Jen's ex and now Nikka's husband Patrick Garcia, Nikka's daughters Michelle and Patrice, and Jen and Patrick's son Alex Jazz. Jen's dog, Connor, joins in on the fun too!

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Nikka—who is pregnant with her and Patrick's third daughter—previously admitted in her blog that she used to be insecure of Jen when she and Patrick were in the early stages of their relationship.

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"Knowing that he has a son whom he adores with someone he used to love, not to mention, a very good-looking person, brought about the feeling of INSECURITY in me."

Although she supported Patrick's bonding time with Jazz, Nikka secretly bottled up her feelings. "But honestly, I would feel quite uneasy. I would start creating crazy scenarios in my head, over-analyze certain things, look at my watch every now and then, blahblahblahhh… All these I would do BUT all without Pat knowing. As far as he was concerned, I was totally fine."

It wasn't until she started planning her 2015 wedding to Patrick that she decided to meet the woman she was pitting herself up against. She just woke up one day and felt the need to want to talk to Jen. After praying about it, she decided to ask Jen if they could meet up.

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"And in less than 5 minutes from the time the message was sent, I got a reply… Take note, we haven't met. I introduced myself and asked if we can meet to talk. She agreed. Iba talaga ang Panginoon!!!"

When she finally met Jen, Nikka's insecurities disappeared. "I knew in my heart that this was definitely God's plan. God took away all my insecurity and replaced it with genuine admiration. He took away jealousy and replaced it with compassion."

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Jen appreciates Nikka as well. The actress would often thank Nikka for letting her daughters visit and spend time with Jazz.

All's good in this blended brood! 


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