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10 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About Jeon Mi Do From 'Hospital Playlist'

Before the K-drama, she was already a star in the theater scene!
Facts about Hospital Playlist actress Jeon Mi Do

Hospital Playlist is about a group of close friends—all doctors, obviously—whose bond was formed as early as medical school, and continued into adulthood as they end up all working in the same hospital. Starring Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Kim Dae Myung, the medical drama’s barkada has one lovely lady—and that’s actress Jeon Mi Do.

You probably already love her in the series (Hospital Playlist season two is already in the works, yay!), now here are facts you need to know about Jeon Mi Do that will make you love her even more:

1. First of all, she’s 38 years old.

She was born on August 4, 1982. Drop that skincare routine, ma'am!


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2. Jeon Mi Do's first lead role in a K-drama was in Hospital Playlist.

As Chae Song Hwa, a talented neurosurgeon. Also, did you know that Jo Jung Suk and Yoo Yeon Seok recommended her casting to the show’s director?

3. She was so good in her role in Hospital Playlist that she was even nominated as Best New Actress in the 56th Baeksang Art Awards!

ICYDK, the Baeksang Arts Awards is the equivalent of the Oscars in South Korea. Among the other nominated actresses in her category were Itaewon ClassKim Da Mi, A World Of Married Couple's Han So Hee, Cursed’s Jung Ji So, and Melo Is My Nature’s Jeon Yeon Bin. Ultimately the award went to Kim Da Mi.

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4. She's already bagged an award for her role in Hospital Playlist.

Mi Do was recently awarded the Rookie Of The Year at the 2020 Brand Of The Year Awards. I repeat: Hospital Playlist is her first K-drama.

5. Her first supporting role is in the 2018 tvN series Mother, where she became a...mother.

A young-looking mother at that. The following year, she also played the role of a mom in the horror movie, Metamorphosis.

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YouTube/Oktaviana Limbong

6. She may sing ~*off-tune*~ in Hospital Playlist but this queen can definitely belt out a song.

This quirky music video (sounds familiar? It’s one of Reply 1988’s OSTs!) is proof. You’re welcome.


7. Her cover of Shin Hyo Beom’s 2006 single, “I Knew I Love” took the number one spot in real-time charts.

She sang the track for Hospital Playlist’s OST and when it peaked in the charts, she had no idea about it. She only got the news from her manager later on.

YouTube/Stone Music Entertainment

8. Having said that, she is a LEGEND when it comes to musicals.

Prior to her debut in the K-drama world, Mi Do was already a big name in the theater scene with performances in plays like Werther, Sweeney Todd, When We Were Seventeen, and Perhaps A Happy Ending, to name a few.

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9. She initially thought that without eyeglasses, people wouldn’t recognize her.

But everyone did because you know, she’s a shining star. In an interview, Mi Do mentioned: “The number of people who recognize me on the street has also increased by a lot. I thought people wouldn’t recognize me if I wasn’t wearing any glasses, but they recognize me even if I’m wearing a mask.”

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10. When it comes to popularity, Mi Do is ~afraid~ of social media comments.

“I stay away from comments and reactions because I’m scared.” Same, girl. Same!

Bonus: In case you’re wondering how Mi Do looks like with longer hair, here you go:

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