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Jericho Rosales' Son Santino Is A Proud Business Owner At 19

'It's always been a vision of mine to reach success early.'
PHOTO: Instagram/santino_rosales

At the young age of 19, Santino Rosales achieved one of his life goals: to have his own business.

In May 2020, the son of actor Jericho Rosales and former model Kai Palomares announced the opening of his first venture, KAISAINT skews & brews.

He wrote in his Instagram post dated May 16: "Story time! It's always been a big dream of mine to start a business early in life.

"Today, I am proud to say that I took the leap and started my first business venture with my mom @kai_pal.

"Every day, I think of how blessed I am to be able to have the opportunity to do this in my last year of being a teenager and to live the life I have.

"The past few weeks for me have been full of emotions and revelations. I truly am grateful for everything."

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What does KAISAINT mean?

Santino revealed the meaning to in an exchange via Instagram direct messaging on July 3.

The young runway model said, "KAISAINT is a combination of Kai (my mom) and Saint (my nickname)."

The mother-and-son team began planning for this restaurant a year ago.

At the time, Kai was already managing a restaurant of her ownKAISAINT

He continued, "My mom started out a cloud kitchen years ago making bottled products and packed meals since 2004. I recall selling our food at bazaars when I was five years old.

"It was only in 2019 when we got back from a trip abroad that she decided to quit her executive job to put up KAISAINT, which was a warehouse dining concept in West Service Road.

"Fast forward 2020, my mom and I put up KAISAINT skews & brews at 72 Dona Soledad Avenue, Paranaque City wherein we put all our ideas together to make our first business venture as mom & son into a reality."

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Santino and his mother Kai are both "actively operating" the business.

Santino was supposed to open KAISAINT skews & brews on March 20, his mother's birthday.

"Unfortunately, the pandemic took place, therefore, causing the launch date to be delayed," he said.

"We decided to still go ahead and open despite the worldwide situation since we are an essential business, which was one of the lucky few that were allowed to operate during those times.

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"Although mom and I had to work double since we had a skeletal force (until now),
the first month for us was still good because of delivery and take out."

Santino, who is currently in college, is determined to follow the plan he had envisioned for himself.

"I wanted to start a business this early in life because it's always been a vision of mine to reach success early," the De La Salle University student said.

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"I live by what my mom always reminds me: to be tenacious and to stay driven.

"A promise I told myself in high school is that after I finish college, I already want to be holistically stable, also to be able to give back to my parents."

Why did he decide to put up a restaurant?

"I decided to go for a restaurant business because it seemed like the most efficient thing to do.

"The food industry is essential and my mom was already in that business, so she could guide me and teach me the ropes."

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Santino is grateful to see his plans slowly materializing.

He knows he has "so much more to learn" and already has his eye on his next ventures.

"I'm taking things slowly as I am taking into consideration the worldwide situation.

"I have more plans for this year and the years to come.

"It's important to visualize the life you want to live, so that you stay driven to work smart."

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