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People Are Convinced Jerry Yan Is A *Vampire* After Watching The Trailer For His Newest Drama

He stars opposite Shen Yue in 'Count Your Lucky Stars.'
PHOTO: Getty Images, (INSET) Twitter/mainedcm

The trailer for Jerry Yan and Shen Yue's new Chinese series, Count Your Lucky Stars, was released over the weekend. And although we've known about this project FOR MONTHS now, none of us were really prepared for the comeback of our OG childhood crush, Jerry ~freaking~ Yan. 

Count Your Lucky Starsoriginally called The Exchange Luck, tells the story of an unlucky fashion designer (Shen), and her arrogant editor-in-chief (Jerry), who seems to have all the luck in the world. After an accidental kiss, the two find out that their luck has been reversed! 

ICYMI, Jerry played the original Dao Ming Si in the 2001 Meteor Garden series, while Shen portrayed Dao Ming Si's (Dylan Wang) love interest, Shan Cai, in the 2018 remake. 

Shen Yue is 22 years old while Jerry is 42, and most of us thought the pairing would be weird at firstwhat with the big age gap and all. But the trailer proved us wrong! The chemistry is certainly there: 

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Twitter blew up yesterday, and even Pinoy celebs like Maine Mendoza couldn't stop fangirling over Jerry. Fans are even calling him a ~vampire~ because it seems like he hasn't aged AT ALL. Please tell us your skincare secrets, Dao Ming Si! 

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