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Ji Chang Wook Says He Tends To Be ~Too Clingy~ In His Real-Life Romantic Relationships

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/jichangwook

In his many K-dramas, Ji Chang Wook usually plays cold, masungit, and tsundere-type of leading male characters that get us swooning out of kilig. But did you know that he's quite the opposite in his real-life romantic relationships? In his recent guesting on Knowing Bros, Chang Wook opened up more about his previous relationships, saying that he's "extremely honest" and that he's "not good at playing hard-to-get." (via Soompi)

But when it comes to ~confessing~ his feelings to someone he likes, he's actually "not good" at it. "I'm not good at confessing my feelings because I'm shy," he explained. "I'm too scared of getting rejected if I confess first."

Here's what's more surprising, though: Chang Wook admitted that he's been dumped MULTIPLE TIMES and it's because of his tendency to become too clingy: "The moment that I find myself on the wrong end of a power imbalance in a romantic relationship, I become too clingy. I start going through more heartache."

He also added that he "could become a little obsessive" which makes it difficult for him and his partners. Sadly, these instances have led to breakups.

Okaaaay, so there's a lot to unload here.

Ji Chang Wook has been linked to his former co-stars several times in the past but never confirmed any of them. Well, we could just *imagine* what kind of boyfriend he is, especially since he's starring in a brand new drama! Alongside Kim Ji Won, we'll be able to see Ji Chang Wook in the Netflix drama, Lovestruck In The City, which drops today, December 22.



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