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John Lloyd's Movie Characters As Boyfriends, Ranked From Worst To Best

Popoy was the worst, tbh.
PHOTO: (LEFT) One More Chance/Star Cinema, (RIGHT) My Amnesia Girl/Star Cinema

1. Popoy in One More Chance (2007) and A Second Chance (2015)

Ok, girls, let's admit it. Popoy was the worst boyfriend to Basha (Bea Alonzo). PERIOD.

In One More Chance, Popoy did not treat Basha as an equal, made plans without consulting his girl, and basically controlled her life! He was totally clueless about Basha's dreams that when she finally broke it off with him, he didn't even see it coming!

In a desperate attempt to win over Basha, Popoy gave us one of the most memorable hugot lines ever:

"Bash! Hindi mo ba alam 'yung three-month rule? Lahat ng taong na-in love at nakipag-break alam 'yun. Bash, maghihintay ka muna ng tatlong buwan, di ba, tatlong buwan bago ka makipag-boyfriend uli. Hindi mo alam 'yun? Bash, may dalawang linggo pa ako eh, dalawang linggo pa! Ba't kating-kati kang palitan ako?"

In A Second Chance, Popoy made a huge sacrifice for their relationship and opted out of an overseas job to stay with Basha.

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Sweet, right? Umm, yeahuntil problems and resentment kicked in!

Again, Popoy refused to see Basha as his partner. Sure, they started a firm together but he couldn't even bother to share their firm's financial problems with her. To make matters worse, Popoy almost had a fling with his ex-girlfriend!

When Popoy finally came clean to Basha about their money problems, she described the pain of being excluded from his life with this line: "Poy, you made me feel like I'm your life's biggest mistake."

After all, Popoy, you did vow to be in things for better or worse, right? Give girls more creditwe are stronger than you think!

2. JD in The Mistress (2012)

Admittedly, more screen time was spent developing Sari's character (Bea Alonzo). Thing is, Sari is the mistress of JD's father and JD continued to pursue Sari. Isn't this the number one bro code rule, but, more so, because it's your father's girl?! All their sweet moments were overshadowed by the lingering question, "How could you?!"

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JD had this realization with the line: "Ang daming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin. Pero may isang dahilan kung bakit hindi ko magawa 'yun. Mahal kita."

In the end, JD and his dad got into a fist fight which led to his father dying of cardiac arrest.

Again, "How could you?!"

3. Glen Apollo in My Amnesia Girl (2010)

Apollo committed an unforgivable sin: He ditched Irene (Toni Gonzaga) on their wedding day! 

As fate would have it, Irene got diagnosed with amnesia and Apollo had the guts to woo her again (WTH, right?!). Luckily, Irene regained her memories but chose to forgive Apollo for what he did.

Irene, you deserve better.

4. Miggy in A Very Special Love (2008), You Changed My Life (2009), and It Takes A Man and A Woman (2013)

In this three-part movie series, we are taken through the relationship of Miggy and Laida (Sarah Geronimo). The first installment, A Very Special Love, made no excuses for John Lloyd's character—he was mean, rude, and inconsiderate. Laida, was, well, a doormat.

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Laida took in all of Miggy's blows until he humiliated her by questioning her conservative sexuality. Miggy, humbled by Laida's continued rejection, transformed into a better man.

This line from the movie says it all:

"I'm sorry if I didn't love you in the way and the time that you did, pero maniwala ka, minahal kita sa paraang alam ko. I'm a work in progress, Laida. Ngayon ko pa lang nararamdaman na pwede pala akong mahalin kahit ganito ako. Ngayon ko pa lang natututunan na kaya ko palang magmahal, kahit na ano ako. So please. Please don't give up on me?"

Haaaay, it's SO HARD to resist reformed bad boys!

The second installment, You Changed My Life, could not be named more appropriately!

The movie is set six months after they made their relationship official and, well, real-life problemswork, un-resolved exes, family dramaget in their way. In this case, both make an attempt to fix their issues but it just doesn't work out.

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Miggy emerges the more mature one of the two, recognizing that it will be harder to maintain a relationship even though their love was worth the fight.

Just when you thought Miggy changed for the better, the third installment, It Takes a Man and a Woman, revealed that he kissed his ex-girlfriend, Belle (Isabelle Daza), which led to Laida breaking up with him.

Eventually, Belle and Miggy end up together. But here's the catch, while together, Miggy almost cheated on Belle with Laida! If a guy literally cannot make up his mind—LEAVE HIM.

But, of course, this movie has a fairytale ending: Laida and Miggy get married.

But, beware, Laida: Once a cheater, always a cheater!

5. Noel in In My Life (2009)

Interestingly though, Lloydie would definitely win the "Boyfriend of the Year" award for how he cared for Mark (Luis Manzano) in the film. He was sweet, affectionate, and more importantly, loved Mark's mom (Vilma Santos) as his own.

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But like all mother-child relationships, he got into a fight with Vilma's character and said these painful lines: "Anak mo lang siya! Hindi mo siya pag-aari! Hindi sa'yo umiikot ang mundo niya at hindi ito matatapos 'pag wala ka na!"

If Noel were my friend though, I'd definitely call him out for being too pa-martyr as Mark was clearly taking advantage of him.