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Taylor Swift's Fans Are Dragging Shawn Mendes For Laughing When John Mayer Joked About Her 'Lover' Lyrics

This didn't go over well.

As the world's population continues to recover from that cringe Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello nuzzle video, John Mayer and Shawn are out here laughing about Taylor Swift's "Lover" lyrics. Naturally, her fans are not having it.

So on Sunday, John, who also happens to be Taylor's ex, hosted his Current Mood Instagram Live talk show and hung out with his special guest of the day, Shawn. At one point in the livestream, John said he loves "Lover" and gets "a little chuckle" out of it because of some of the lyrics. Specifically, he's talking about the "We can leave the Christmas lights up till January" bit. As most people know, basically everyone who decorates their house with Christmas lights leaves them up until January. The lyrics are just stating the obvious, which John finds pretty funny.

He goes, "You're insane. Everyone keeps their Christmas lights up until January. And I go, 'Can you really?' Because normally I take my Christmas lights down on December 29.'" Shawn laughed along with him before bringing John back around to his point, which was commenting on Shawn's verse on the remix.

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But later on, John came back to his Christmas lights commentary and sang, "We can keep the Christmas lights up till January. And then about January 5th, we'll take the lights down. And then we'll put 'em in a box and we'll label that box Christmas Lights. Yeah, we'll put 'em in the attic until next December." That whole time, Shawn was halfway out of the frame and appeared to be laughing.

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Some Taylor fans thought it was all in good fun. Others, however, were not pleased and started dragging Shawn's verse and his character because he didn't speak up. They also roasted John for even mentioning Taylor. One fan wrote, "Making fun of Taylor's lyrics but not the cringey bad lyrics Shawn added" and added a clown emoji. Another said, "John has n0 reason to bring her up unless to step up and support what's happening right now. Which he isn't."

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Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!

Shawn and John haven't commented on this fiasco and neither has Taylor.


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