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8 Things About 'Carter' Actor Joo Won You Probably Didn’t Know

He once dated K-pop star BoA!
Everything You Need To Know About Korean Actor Joo Won

The long wait is over: Joo Won is gracing us with his presence again as he returns to the big screen as Carter in the Netflix film with the same name. Directed by Jung Byung Gil, the movie is about a man who wakes up in a motel with no memoryhe doesn't even know who he is. But, a voice in his ear calls him "Carter" and gives him a mission to save a girl who's been kidnapped. We can barely contain our excitement! 

We last saw Joo Won in the 2020 SBS drama, Alice, which was also his first acting gig since he was discharged from the military in 2019. He played Park Jin Gyeom, who was born with alexithymia, making it difficult to identify and describe emotions. Joo Won starred alongside veteran actress Kim Hee Sun, whom he enjoyed working with. In fact, he once shared a funny story about when they met up outside of work: "I was at home when I heard that she was hosting drinks and I went over. I resolved to have a few drinks. I thought that one glass or so would be fine. But I had one glass of wine and passed out. I woke up and it was over. I asked if I'd slept long and they told me I'd slept for over an hour. I really can't drink alcohol. In the past, I would take a sip because my seniors asked me to, but spit it out in a towel." LOL!


Other interesting facts about Joo Won:

1. Joo Won was born on September 30, 1987.

This beloved actor is a Libra and Libras are known to be social creatures. They like to be liked and they love attention. Though they can be quiet and refined, Libras have a way of understanding and working with people. They are never happy with mediocre standards and that’s why people like to have them around in the workplace. This reminds us of Joo Won, who did a lot of his own stunts for Aliceincluding a scene on a roof that had him in wires. He shared, "It's difficult for an actor to say that they won’t do it. They had me on wires but it was scary because it was so high. The staff members were also nervous, so I tried to relax the atmosphere by doing a heart gesture." Go, oppa!

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2. He's often mistaken for other famous Korean celebrities.

The main one being Kang Dong Won. Even before he debuted as an actor, Joo Won turned heads because of his uncanny resemblance to the Peninsula star. He recalled one instance when he was on his way home from a concert and a group of female students surrounded him and took his bag and hat. Joo Won's friend tried to stop them but they thought he was just the manager doing crowd control. But it doesn’t stop there. People have also likened him to T.O.P! He first heard about it while shooting King of Baking, Kim Takgu, and became apologetic to their fans, haha!


3. Part of the reason Joo Won was picked for the drama Good Doctor was "because he was in shape."

At least, according to director Ki Min Soo. He explained further, "I heard he's performed 250 times for musicals. If he wasn't fit, he couldn’t have done it. While filming Ojakgyo Brothers, I felt something. I developed a faith in the actor. I thought he could pull off anything, from feelings to politics portrayed in the drama." ICYDK, Joo Won took on the role of Park Si On, a first-year resident with autism and savant syndrome. He was nervous about this specific character saying, "I was afraid of how I would affect those with autism and their families if I didn't express or portray the character properly. However, I also received letters and messages of support from people saying that they were really encouraged and more hopeful because of Park Shi On."


Good Doctor |[Trailer / Version 1]

4. He has been in *a lot* of musicals.

In the mid-2000s, Joo Won began his acting career by performing in musicals; the first notable one being Altar Boyz in 2007. He was also in Singles and Grease, before landing a part in Spring Awakening. He was originally just an understudy but the actor playing Melchoir left midway into production so Joo Won stepped in. He caught the eye of Sim Entertainment and the rest, as they say, is history. From 2013 to 2014, he was in the musical Ghost and he reprised his role in the 2020 version.

[GHOST Musical] Unchained Melody 4 versions by Joo Won

5. Joo Won enlisted in the military in 2017.

The last drama he worked on before he joined was My Sassy Girl with Oh Yeon So. He was so successful that weeks into his service, he was promoted to assistant instructor in his division after receiving high marks. During this time, he served with Go Kyung Pyo, Beenzino, and BIGBANG's Taeyang and Daesung. They all performed a BIGBANG song together to cheer on the soldiers and that’s how they became close. Joo Won revealed, "I sing a little but after I heard Taeyang's voice, I lost all ambition for the mic. I wanted to give him the mic and just listen. I mostly helped stir up the crowd and did the emceeing."


6. He has been vocal about his ideal partner.

In a 2012 Singles interview, he said that he wanted a "bear-like" woman he feels comfortable and content with. He doesn't want to feel agitated around her and doesn't want to play games. In a separate interview, Joo Won said he likes it when they have a "little bit of a belly," explaining, "I really love bellies. I don't know. Bellies are my favorite…I guess nothing really matters when you like someone."


More recently, the actor opened up about what he’s like in a relationship, saying that he doesn’t understand why people play hard to get. Apparently, he’s the type of person who can “sincerely say ‘I love you’ more than 10 times a day” but that his past partners didn’t like that.


7. Joo Won dated BoA.

News of their relationship made waves online in early 2017. They met through mutual friends, bonded over similar hobbies and values, and started dating the year before. Unfortunately, the couple broke up not long after, confirming their split in November that same year.

8. Joo Won is on Instagram.

While the Carter star is on Insta, he isn't the most active. Joo Won mostly uses it for work purposes, but every now and then, he'll post a glimpse into his everyday life. Follow Joo Won @zu.won_moon.jun.won.



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