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Here Are Jose Mari Chan Mashups To Make You ~Feel~ The Spirit Of Christmas

LOL how do they come up with this stuff?!
PHOTO: Youtube/Kyo Quijano

The "-ber" months are upon us and "Christmas In Our Hearts" is once again the official theme song of the season. We hear it playing everywhereon the radio, in malls, at restaurants—and singer Jose Mari Chan even popped out of nowhere to serenade mallgoers at a food court last weekend! 

"Christmas in Our Hearts" was released on November 1990, and as if we couldn't get enough of the classic track already, some ingenious editors on social media decided to create their very own versions of it. Here are some of our faves:    

The "Christmas In Our Hearts" Dance Cover

YouTuber Kyo Quijano choreographed Jose Mari Chan's song and has inspired others to do the #JoseMariChanChallenge.  

The Classic Meme

"Whenever I see boys and girls and the boys and girls see me..." 

The Britney + JMC Mashup 

This video posted by Juro Ongkiko perfectly blends Britney Spears' "Toxic" and "Christmas In Our Hearts"! Who knew the classic holiday track could be this ~intense~?  

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