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Joyce Pring Gets Emotional As Alonso Eliam Turns Sixth Months Old: 'I'll always be your mama, no matter how big you get'

joyce pring celebrates motherhood as liam turns six months old

Can you believe it's been six months since Joyce Pring and Juancho Triviño welcomed their firstborn Alonso Eliam to the world? 

On Instagram, Joyce posted several new family photos to ring in the new year.

In one of her posts, Joyce shared, "As a family, we decided that I would continue to work full-time, but also stay at home full-time to take care of Liam."

She admitted that the decision wasn't an easy one. "It hasn't been the easiest, especially when Juancho was in lock-in taping, but by God's grace and so much help from his family and our loved ones, here we finally are–at the end of 2021 with an almost six-month-old perfect little boy."


In a separate post shared on Instagram on January 2, Joyce revealed the struggles of motherhood. She wrote, "Today, our little explorer turns six months old. Or as his Dada likes to say, 'He's now 5 years old!'" 

"God has poured out His love immensely for me through you," Joyce post reads. "This half a year of you Earth-side has been the best half-year of my life."

"I revel in the exhaustion of breastfeeding, the day-to-day battle for sleep, and the constant doubt that lingers in my head if I could ever be a good-enough mom to you, knowing that no matter how tough motherhood gets, it is now my calling to answer and bravely step into, with God's gracious guiding," Joyce added.

Describing her son, Joyce shared, "Thank you for being such a sweet, patient, happy little guy so curious and filled with sunshine. Sometimes, I just cry joyful tears knowing you will always be my baby, and I'll always be your mama, no matter how big you get (and big you'll really get, with the pace you're going.)"

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