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Julia Barretto Tells Gerald Anderson She's Sent A Sexy Selfie To Someone Before

And more revelations while playing 'Never Have I Ever.'
PHOTO: YouTube/Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto just got real about a lot of things in her latest vlog.

The actress invited her boyfriend Gerald Anderson to play a game of "Never Have I Ever," aka "Drink and Spill." Here's how the game works: Basically, you have to drink a shot of alcohol every time you admit you've done something before.

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Julia had a bunch of prepared "Never have I ever" statements and they would react to each of them, taking shots when guilty of the deed. The theme revolved around acts like flirting, dating, and thoughts on significant others.

One of the statements read, "Never have I ever sent someone a sexy selfie," and Gerald replied, "Never."

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Julia, on the other hand, said, "I have," and laughed. She didn't give any further details, though. We wonder who she sent it to!

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"So nagse-send ka ng mga sexy selfies mo?" Gerald asked.

"Secretly," Julia admitted.

Throughout the game, we learn more about Julia and Gerald, like when they said they've never said "I love you" just for the sake of saying it.

"I always say 'I love you' from the heart," Julia shared.

We also discover Gerald has hit on a stranger before, while Julia said she hasn't because she's scared. Julia was totally cool, continuously reassuring Gerald that it's fine since they're "only human" and that they were all "young once."

Gerald had to drink a few more times, like when Julia made him admit he's kissed someone before that he didn't know.

"Like when you were younger and you would go out?" Julia asked. "There's this pretty girl and you're like drunk and everything and... Never? C'mon, no judging."

"'Pag sila yung nag-kiss sa ‘kin, counted ba 'yon?" Gerald clarified, though it looked like he was also just joking.

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"Yeah," Julia replied.

"Joke lang," Gerald said. "Never, never."

"C’mon," Julia urged.

"Okay, sige, sige na."

Julia and Gerald have been appearing in each other's vlogs more ever since the two confirmed their relationship in March.

Watch Julia and Gerald play "Never Have I Ever" here: