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Julia Barretto + Loisa Andalio Met Up And Talked About Joshua Garcia

There was a lot of 'chika'!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/iamandalioloisa, (RIGHT) Instagram/juliabarretto

During an interview for the show Gandang Gabi Vice, Julia Barretto shared about a time when she had dinner with fellow young actress Loisa Andalio. They bonded and had a lot to talk about. "Sobrang dami naming chika kasi," Julia shared. Then, turning to Joshua Garcia, she added, "about you, by the way."

Before JoshLia became a thing, Loisa and Joshua were Pinoy Big Brother housemates and were even paired as "Loishua." The two have since claimed that they remain in good terms, and Loisa is now part of a different love team with Ronnie Alonte.

Intrigued, Vice Ganda asked Julia to share more. To be clear, their dinner wasn't SUPPOSED to be about Joshua, it just happened. "You know, sometimes pala ang maka-connect ng bond between two ladies or two people is when you feel like you can relate with each other," Julia added. 

What did Joshua have to say about all this? He wasn't expecting them to have dinner, that's for sure. "Siyempre magugulat ka din dun." 

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We're loving the girl bonding that's going on. There's definitely no bad blood here!

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