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Julia Barretto Is Moving Into Her New Home!

She'll be neighbors with her fam.
PHOTO: Instagram/juliabarretto

Yesterday, Julia Barretto said on Instagram that she’s finally moving to her new place. “I went do to a little shopping since I am already moving into my new home. Fun fact: I will only transfer a few steps away from my mom’s house.”

Julia went on, “People often find it weird and usually ask me, ‘Why?’ I simply answer, ‘Why not?’ My mom is my bestest friend and my number one source of strength. Even though she has raised me to be independent and brave, I still don’t see any reason why I should be far away from her.”

The actress got even more real about her move: “Sa totoo lang, kailangan ko pa rin siya. At least, I still get to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at her place. Makakatipid pa rin ako sa ulam at kanin.”

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Last year, Julia posted a few photos of the site. From the looks of it, she has a spacious, multistory house.

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Construction for Julia’s home began in October 2017. The actress previously wrote on Instagram, “TY, G, for another answered prayer. This is still so surreal to me.”

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Julia has told that while she's excited for the interiors and the furniture, she's most excited for her walk-in closet. Who's up for a house tour?