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Julia Barretto On Her Relationship With Gerald Anderson: ‘I’d like to keep that private’

Julia keeps relationship with Gerald private
PHOTO: Instagram/juliabarretto

It’s safe to say that Julia Barretto has gone to major lengths to keep her relationship with Gerald Anderson ~private~. For one, it took months for Gerald to finally ~admit~ that they’re a couple, and when the news finally broke, the pair was met with criticism from the public.

With that said, it comes as no surprise that the pair have kept a relatively low profile despite their celeb status, though they’ve been seen together on a couple of vacations and events here and there. So when Julia was asked about the recent rumors surrounding her beau and his co-star Kylie Padilla at a presscon, she responded simply: “I’ve always been very private with my personal life. I think with everything that has happened before; I’ve learned to be protective of my personal life.”

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She added, “So, I’d like to keep that as private as much as possible, and I’m just drawing that boundary between work and my personal life.”

Julia has a point; it’s up to the people in the relationship, not others, to reveal whatever they choose about themselves and each other. There are some things we like to keep to ourselves, and as for her, it’s her love life.

You do you, Juls!


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