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Julia Barretto Was Caught Snubbing Fans In London

Watch the painful video here.

Yikes! Julia Barretto was spotted ignoring her fans while exiting a building in London. On September 8, Instagram user @carolina_fifteen posted this painful video, where her hellos were totally ignored by the actress who was on her way to a private van. 

Fellow Kapamilya star Enrique Gil was also there (watch the last part), but he gave out a peace sign and said goodbye to his fans before entering the vehicle.

That same video was posted a few hours later by DJ Mo Twister with a LOADED caption:

Like Julia, I don't have the time to acknowledge fans. These commoners just get in the way of me and my destination. Who cares that we are in London and these ewws rarely get to see their idols and probably have traveled long distances to see me. I can't be bothered, even for a glance. So peeps, this is how you snob these parasites like a champion. #Blessed

Now, wasn't that awkward?

Oooh, buuuuurn.

Editors' Note: The original video in the article was from @carolina_fifteen, but the Instagram user has since changed her privacy settings. 

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