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Julia Barretto Plays A Cute Game Of 'Who's Most Likely To?' With Her Siblings

They said she gives the best gifts!
PHOTO: Instagram/juliabarretto

Julia Barretto is pretty close with her siblings, and this is evident in her latest IGTV post, where she plays a game of Who’s Most Likely To? with Dani Barretto, Claudia Barretto, Leon Barretto, and Erich Barretto.

Here are some discoveries from the game:

  1. Dani takes the longest in taking photos during a vacation because she takes the most selfies.
  2. Julia is most likely to buy something stupid but is also the one who gives the best gifts. Claudia says that Julia “is really thoughtful and remembers things.”
  3. Claudia is the one who’s most likely to make her siblings cry, but Leon is the “drama queen.”
  4. They had a hard time thinking about who would start the fights when they were kids because, as Julia says, “We’re so nice to each other.” Then she settled on Claudia and Leon. “Clauie is always the lawyer and Leon would hit us with rocks and everything.”
  5. And the person who’s most likely responsible for the missing cookie in the kitchen? It was, unanimously, their mom Marjorie Barretto. “The woman who created all these, children!” Julia quips.
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Watch the episode below!

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