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Read Juliana Gomez's *Heartwarming* Mother's Day Message To Lucy Torres

'I love that you're funny and that you don't even know it.'

Juliana Gomez greeted her mom Lucy Torres with the most heartwarming Mother's Day message.

Writing on Instagram, the 19-year-old model said, "There are many things that I love about you, but if I wrote them all down I think that this caption would be too long.

"So I came up with a shorter list."

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The first on Juliana's list was Lucy's sense of humor.

She wrote, "I love that you tell me to not eat too much bread because 'it forms mucus and it makes you break out!'

"But as you tell me that, you're sitting there holding Spanish bread in one hand and eating cheese bread in the other.

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"I love that you're funny and that you don't even know it."

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Juliana then praised her mom's artistic hands and healing touch. 

"I love that you make all things pretty. You fill old jars with flowers and breathe life into the little spaces of our house.

"I love how you've become the family doctor just by using your essential oils and remedies."

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Juliana summed up what makes her mom such great company.

"I love that you love to dance, and that you enjoy good music just as much.

"I love being around you, Mama. Happy Mother's Day" 

Lucy also got a Mother's Day message from her husband Richard Gomez.

Richard thanked her for being his love and his "guiding light."

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His full message read: "Always know that you are the most special person to me.

"You have touched so many people's lives and made them better.

"You are thoughtful and sincere.

"You always look after the welfare and conditions of your friends and loved ones.

"You are my love and my guiding light.

"Today is your special day. Happy Mother's Day!

"I love you to the moon and back."

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