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WATCH: Korean Star Jung Il Woo Cooks Pinoy Favorites With Sandara Park

Friendship goals!

Long time friends Jung Il-Woo and Sandara Park had a quick Pinoy food cooking session during the Korean actor’s recent vlog. The two stars, who worked together in the 2009 show The Return Of Iljimae, also shared candid stories about their friendship over the years.

"I’ve never been there, but I tried my best to search for information on YouTube. I also looked everywhere up for the Favorite Filipino menus of Dara," Il Woo shared. He also said that he watched some of Dara’s vlogs to prepare.

Dara, meanwhile, expressed her excitement as they worked on cooking beef caldereta, seafood sinigang, and garlic rice together. She even admitted that one time she tried cooking sinigang on her own but failed because she ended up grilling the shrimps instead of actually making the dish.

The former 2NE1 member talked about her favorite spots in the Philippines. She mentioned Palawan as her top go-to vacation spot because it is surrounded by nature and recommended Boracay as a perfect place to visit with friends.

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The pair also reminisced about how they first became close. Apparently, they started bonding after Dara offered Il Woo some gochugang, a type of Korean chili paste, while filming their project in Tsukishima Island, Japan. They also never missed a chance to meet up over the years, like that one time they had a meal in Thailand together after meeting there by accident.

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"I realized something today. Our concept today, it’s like we’re on a date. Then, there should be those tingling feelings. But I feel none of those! So I thought, we’re really good friends," Il Woo joked during the vlog to which Dara agreed: "If we’re going to be more than friends, that should’ve already happened a long time ago!"

The two shared that they are always supportive of each other’s careers. Il-Woo said that Dara never failed to show support for his projects and he did the same by always going to her concerts.

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"My fans think it’s so funny that you said in an interview or something that your only female celebrity friend is me." Il Woo agreed to this, saying: "You’re still the only one."

Jung Il Woo starred in dramas like Moon Embracing The Sun and Cinderella With Four Knights. Dara, on the other hand, is busy pursuing her solo career.

You can watch the duo’s vlog below.

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