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8 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring Jung So Min

We're loving every bit of her acting in 'Alchemy Of Souls'!
8 Jung So Min K-Dramas That You Should Watch Right Now

K-drama darling Jung So Min debuted as an actress in the 2010 series Bad Guy. Months after, she landed her first lead role as a lovestruck school girl in the Korean adaptation of the Japanese manga Mischievous Kiss. Six movies and more than series after, she continues to wow fans over by taking on roles that showcase her acting chops. In her latest series, the fantasy romance drama Alchemy Of Souls, she plays host to the soul of an elite warrior.

See more of Jung So Min by checking out these watchlist-worthy picks!

Early projects:

1. Playful Kiss (2010)

Who else is in it: Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Tae Sung

Ha Ni (Jung So Min) falls hard for Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong) the moment she lays eyes on him. Though she knows that they are total opposites, she makes it her mission to win the anti-social ace student’s affection. Her efforts fail to materialize until nature steps in to play matchmaker when an earthquake destroys her home, forcing her family to move in with Seung Jo’s family.


Mischievous Kiss/ Playful Kiss Trailer

2. My Father Is Strange (2017)

Who else is in it: Kim Yeong Cheol, Kim Hae Sook, Ryu Soo Young, Lee Joon, Ahn Hyo Seop

Lee Yoon Seok (Kim Yeong Cheol) is sent to jail for a crime he did not commit. When an accident happens that forces him to switch identities with his best friend, he embraces the name Byun Han Soo to get a clean slate. He settles down on the outskirts of Seoul and keeps a low profile with his wife Na Young Sil (Kim Hae Sook). Han Soo's quiet life as a father of three gets disrupted when idol singer-turned-frustrated actor Ahn Joong Hee (Lee Joon) thinks he is the real Byun Han Soo and shows up at his doorstep claiming to be his son. The 52-episode series will get you hooked on day 1 as it tugs at your heartstrings and fills you with laughs. 

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My Father is Strange | [Trailer]

3. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018)

Who else is in it: Seo In Guk, Park Sung Woong

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) carries a lot of baggage and is haunted by the desire to find out the truth behind what happened to his parents when he was a child. He crosses paths with an advertising designer, Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min), who lost her parents when she was young. Despite his indifferent exterior, Jin Kang sees the good in Moo Young and the couple falls in love. In true K-Drama fashion, their love for one another is tested when the truth behind their intertwined past is revealed.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Trailer | Available with subs 12h after Korea!

4. Homme Fatale (2019)

Who else is in it: Lee Junho, Choi Gwi Hwa

This historical comedy is centered on the adventures of Heo Saek (Lee Junho), a gisaeng's (courtesan's) son who decides to become Joseon dynasty's first male escort in order to save the courtesan house where he was raised by his mother. After making a successful debut, he masters the art of making women fall for him and climbs his way to the top rank of gisaeng superstardom. Jung So Min plays the role of Hae Won, a confident and progressive woman who catches Heo Saek's attention. Watch out for the fun bromance scenes Heo Saek shares with homeless guy Yook Gam (Choi Gwi Hwa)!


Homme Fatale Trailer Movie Eng Sub (2019)

5. Fix You (2020)

Who else is in it: Shin Ha Kyun, Tae In Ho, Park Ye Jin

Lee Si Joon (Shin Ha Kyun) is a psychiatrist who is passionate about *healing* his patients instead of ~curing~ them—even if it means resorting to unconventional methods. He takes on a new patient—rising musical actress Han Woo Joo (Jung So Min)—who struggles with anger management issues and is diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder that threatens her promising career. During the course of therapy, a relationship blooms as Si Joon helps Woo Joo control her emotions and embrace self-love.

Soul Mechanic | [Teaser-Ver1]

Recent projects:

6. Monthly Magazine Home (2021)

Who else is in it: Kim Ji Suk, Jung Gun Joo 

Na Young Won (Jung So Min) is a successful senior editor for House Magazine. Unlike the idyllic stories she writes about, her residential situation involves living alone in a rented house. Her home life takes a spin when the magazine's CEO Yoo Jang Sung (Kim Ji Suk) becomes her landlord. Get ready for a heart-fluttering crash course in real estate 101!


Monthly Magazine Home - OFFICIAL TRAILER

7. Alchemy Of Souls (2022)

Who else is in it:  Lee Jae WookHwang Minhyun, Shin Seung Ho, Yoo In Soo

From the creative minds of the Hong Sisters, who are best known for K-drama greats like My GirlYou're Beautiful, The Master's SunWarm And Cozyand Hotel Del Luna, comes the fantasy romance drama Alchemy Of Souls. The series revolves around the adventures of Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook), a young master with a scandalous birth story, and Mu Deok Yi (Jung So Min) whom he rescues from a gisaeng house and appoints as his servant. Little does he know that Mu Deok is host to the soul of elite warrior Naksu. Let the adventure begin!  

Alchemy of Souls | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

8. Project Wolf Hunting (To be released in late 2022)

Who else is in it: Seo In Guk, Jang Dong Yoon

Jung So Min and Seo In Guk reunite in the action thriller Project Wolf Hunting. The movie takes place on a cargo ship and depicts the mission of transporting criminals from Manila to Busan. When an escape attempt aboard the "floating hell" goes sideways, a deadly force is unleashed that will erase all lines of law enforcers versus foes.



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