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Justin Bieber Shared Details About His 'Crazy' Sex Life With Hailey Baldwin

@ Scooter Braun, can I file a complaint pls?
  • Justin Bieber shared the details of his sex life with Hailey Baldwin after a fan asked what he does during his time off.
  • Justin described his sex life as "crazy," in case you were wondering.

Don't you just love it when celebrities provide their fans with unsolicited information about their kinky sex lives? And by "love," I mean "hate with a burning passion," because let's be real: Have you ever asked for this info? Conducted a Google search to find out juicy deets?? Probably not, but if you have...I have some questions for you. That said, Justin Drew Bieber is the latest celeb culprit accused of oversharing the sh*t he does in the bedroom with his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

Justin spilled the beans about his sex life at his concert recently after a fan innocently asked him what he does during his time off when he isn't touring or working on new music. "It just depends who I'm with," he said. "When I'm with my wife, we like guys can guess what we do. It gets pretty crazy...that's pretty much all we do."

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And because Justin wanted to drive the point home, he added: "We like to watch movies, we like to Netflix and chill, but we definitely do more of the chilling." Okay, Justin. We! Heard! You! To the fan who asked Justin the question in the first place—I am so sorry, sweetie.

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Sex isn't the only thing Bieber's being open about, though. He and Hailey just released really sweet wedding videos on a recent episode of Justin's YouTube docuseries, Seasons. In the episode, fans witness the moment Justin sees Hailey walking down the aisle and Justin having trouble with his vows. Apparently, Justin was so nervous, he repeatedly stumbled over the words, according to The Sun.

On the off chance that you are reading this Justin, a word of advice: Jailey wedding deets > Jailey bedroom deets. TYVM!


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