Justin Bieber's Mom Pattie Just Called Her New Daughter-In-Law Hailey Baldwin A 'Gift'

This is super sweet.

Earlier this summer, Justin Bieber stans were under the impression that his mom, Pattie Mallette, was no fan of Hailey Baldwin. But Pattie just shut down those rumors with one quick Instagram (thank goodness).

She posted this selfie of her and Hailey a few days ago, writing "What a gift!!" in the caption, which is super sweet and basically everything any newly married girl could ask for from her mother-in-law.

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Based on the jacket/hair combo, the pic looks like it's from her and Justin's first Thanksgiving in Canada. She posted this other pic herself back in November.

Rewinding to this past July, Beliebers were convinced that Pattie didn't approve of Hailey and Justin getting married so quickly. When news about the engagement came out, Pattie took the words "yes Justin Bieber is my son" out of her Twitter bio. Scandalous!

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Then, to add insult to injury, she liked a tweet from former Bachelor Sean Lowe shading people who propose too early.

The fans went crazy, naturally, and read entirely too much into the whole thing.

Regardless of whether any of that was the result of an actual beef between Pattie and Justin, obviously Pattie and Hailey are now on selfie-posting terms, so it looks like all is well in Bieber Land!

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