Whoa, Selena Gomez Fans Think Justin Bieber Went On A Solo Road Trip Because Of Her

Highly unlikely, but entertaining nonetheless!
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Ah, another day, another event to add to the never-ending, drama-filled timeline that is Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Hailey Baldwin's love triangle. I'm sure that by now, you've probably heard Selena's recent song, "Lose You To Love Me," which legit made everyone on the internet, nay, the WORLD, stop dead in their tracks. Why? Oh, IDK—because it basically gave everyone an inside peek into how Justin moved on from Selena so quickly to Hailey. It was crazy sh*t!

While you might have thought that some of the Selenator anger over this has died down by now (it has been two weeks since the song's release, after all!), it still kinda hasn't. Selena fans are still pretty salty about the way Justin treated Selena and are using Justin's recent Instagram picture to remind him for the millionth time that yes, "Lose You To Love Me" exists, and also yes, it is TOTALLY about him.

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On IG, Justin posted pics from his recent road trip where he traveled completely ~solo~. "Took a road trip by myself to pray, think, reflect…time to get back to WIFEY," Justin wrote.

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And while this picture has absolutely nothing to do with Selena, Selenators were all TF up in his comments talking about how Justin went on his road trip without Hailey specifically to listen to "Lose You To Love Me" and to get some space before the song dropped. It's obviously a massive reach, but people seem fully convinced:

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  • "He took some time away from wifey to reflect about the #1 song on Billboard."
  • "Lies. He went there to talk to Sel and listen to her bops LOL!"
  • "This is how @selenagomez song is #1. Justin played it [a] million times."
  • "He took a trip away of wifey to low-key stream to 'Lose you To Love Me'"
  • "Justin singing 'Lose You To Love Me' at the top of his lungs while driving to some random place to cry like a baby."

    For the record, Justin has already heard Selena's song, and he is reportedly making a point not to give any reaction to it publicly. "Of course Justin and Hailey have heard Selena's new song and they are both trying to not give any reaction to her lyrics referencing Justin," a source told E! News. "Justin has completely moved on from that chapter of his life and understands that Selena is allowed to reflect on the past in her own way. Justin and Hailey both want Selena to be happy and in a good place and aren't fazed by it." 

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    Soooo, it kinda goes without saying that this fan theory doesn't really hold up, guys. In the great words of Selena Gomez, "The chapter is closed and done," so let's move on y'all!


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