Justin Bieber's Wedding Tuxedo Options Are Super Cringey

'Blood'-splattered tux, anyone?
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  • Justin Bieber is trolling fans by asking them which ugly tuxedo options he should wear to his wedding.
  • I am so over it!!!

Alright, I'm just gonna come right out and say it: I am tired of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding antics! Allow me to make this abundantly clear. I am not tired of Justin or Hailey as actual people, and I absolutely adore them as a couple! But the shenanigans are driving me crazy. Let's recap, shall we?

Justin and Hailey kept us all in perpetual limbo with the back and forth wedding date rescheduling, probably infuriated their guests with the amount of "save the date" RSVPs, and God knows what else. And on top of it, Justin is now trolling us all by asking fans what tuxedo he should wear on the big day.

On Instagram, Justin posted two pictures to his feed of his wedding tuxedo options. And surprise! It's a big fat troll attempt. Justin shared five hideous, gag-worthy options: One rainbow, one "blood" splattered, one banana-printed, one pink satin (complete with top hat), and one classic black and white...that's actually a pair of shorts and a tuxedo-printed graphic tee. No, I am not making this shit up.

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I mean...it's already bad enough that there's a small chance Justin may wear his lavender dental grill on his actual wedding day. But this? This I honest to God cannot take. Sure, Justin thinks that WE think he's joking, but what if he actually decides to do it? If you take off the top hat from the pink satin tux, it's probably the most wearable one out of the lot—juuuuust saying.

Welp, if Justin is actually serious, he won't even need to shop around or get a custom made tuxedo tuxedos custom made— the banana tux and the rainbow tux are both available online, ugh.


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