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Justin Timberlake's Movie-Like Album

Justin Timberlake has revealed that learning the process of making movies during his hiatus from music helped him give his new album more depth and make it more visual.

Justin Timberlake's movie career helped make his music more visual.

The "Suit & Tie" singer—who returned to music after a six year hiatus while he tried his hand at acting—feels his experience on film sets has taught him how to create a more vivid picture with the songs on his new album.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, he explained: "You spend so much time developing a character when you do a film. So much of your work is done before you get set to shoot because you've been working on the character: the way he walks, the way he talks, what might upset him, what might make him happy.

"Now I can really paint a picture for people 'cause being involved in the film process, you get to see the writing change, you get to see the direction change, you get to see all those things change. You go, 'You can really do this with music, too.' You can play a character but you can also write the world that you want your character to live in and then what does that world sound like? Are there more strings in that world? Are there more horns in that world? Is there more percussion in that world?"

The 32-year-old star added that he named the album The 20/20 Experience to connote the more visual approach to his music after a friend told him his songs felt like a movie.

Justin said: "My best friend came into the studio. He goes, 'I really feel like I can see where I am when I'm listening to these songs. I just feel like the music is very visual.'

"He said, "I feel like I'm in a movie. I feel like I can see the music; I feel like I can see different colours for different songs.' "

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