Ain't He The Sweetest? Justin Timberlake Stops His Concert So a Fan Could Propose!

Aww! Justin Timberlake stopped his concert in Louisville, Kentucky so one of his fans could propose to his girlfriend!

Justin Timberlake can seriously do no wrong.

The "Mirrors" singer stopped a concert so one of his fans could propose on December 15, 2013. He was performing in Louisville, Kentucky, US, as part of his "20/20 Experience Tour," but halted the show after singing "That Girl" so Josh Clemons could propose to girlfriend Kim Martin.

Justin headed over to the side of the stage, where he asked Josh if he had a drink, and invited him and the unsuspecting Kim to introduce themselves.

He then brought them onstage, telling Kim: "Josh called me earlier. He's got something he wants to tell you."

The singer then exited as Josh got down on one knee and made his proposal, which Kim accepted, sending the 22,000-strong crowd wild with cheers of congratulation.

Justin then returned, bringing the happy couple shots and leading fans in a toast.

He said: "This is for Josh and Kim. Louisville is for lovers, baby!"

Josh said organizing the extra-special proposal took him over 100 phonecalls and emails.

He told the "On Friday I finally caught [Justin's manager] on the phone and he said Justin had a big plan and wanted to know if I was ready to do it big. I said definitely."

Kim was amazed by the proposal, and said Justin was a true gentleman when she met him backstage after the concert.

She said: "He was just very involved in this. I was very surprised he took initiative to help him so much and the way he talked with us."

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