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8 K-Drama Actors Who Look *Best* In A Uniform

K-drama actors who look best in a uniform

There’s something about seeing our fave K-drama actors in uniform that speaks to our inner fan! Catch these K-dramas to see them in action. Did we miss your fave man in uniform? Let us know who he is in the comments!

K-Drama Actors Who Look Best In A Uniform

1. Lee Min Ho in The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

This drama operates on the premise that two Koreas exist in different realities. In the Kingdom of Corea, Emperor Lee Gon (Min Ho) rules, while the Republic of Korea has a president. On the trail of his evil half-uncle Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin), Gon enters the Republic of Korea and meets the woman of his dreams, inspector Jeong Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun). Min Ho in royal attire already has us swooning here, but when he dons his naval officer uniform, we’re just puddles on the floor. Bonus: You also get to see Woo Do Hwan in uniform. Don’t pass out on us now!


2. Hyun Bin in Crash Landing On You (2019)

Was there anyone who didn’t know who Captain Ri was when Crash Landing On You exploded in popularity in 2019? The drama tells the story of star-crossed lovers: Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin), a chaebol heiress from South Korea, and Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk (Hyun Bin), a military officer from North Korea. When Se Ri gets involved in a paragliding accident that leaves her stuck in the North, Captain Ri becomes her savior—and eventual SO. We don’t really have to explain just how handsome Hyun Bin was as Captain Ri! But his charm must have worked even on Ye Jin because the two of them eventually became sweethearts IRL.

3. Jang Ki Yong in Come And Hug Me (2018)

Did someone say “Jang Ki Yong in police uniform?” Sign us up! We have to warn you: It’s hard to get over how sharp and handsome he looks in formal officer attire. In the melo-thriller Come And Hug Me, he plays Yoon Na Moo, the son of a serial killer, who changes his name to Chae Do Jin, and becomes a detective to make up for his father’s sins. A tragic past links him to his first love, Gil Nak Won, whose parents get murdered. Years later, she’s now known as newbie actress Han Jae Yi. Can the two of them heal each other and fall in love all over again?

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4. Jung Hae In in Prison Playbook (2017)

Hae In is no stranger to being in uniform. He was a police officer in popular drama While You Were Sleeping, and he’s a private tasked to chase military deserters in his new drama out this month, D.P. In Prison Playbook, he plays Captain Yoo, a military officer in jail. Word in prison is that he beat up one of his teammates, causing this person’s death. While Hae In spends a lot of his time in the drama wearing his prison outfit (and still looking cute while he’s at it!), he also wears his military uniform in flashbacks where we get to learn his backstory.

5. Lee Joon Gi in Criminal Minds (2017)

We’ve seen veteran actor Joon Gi in all sorts of outfits through the years, so it’s not surprising that he’s donned a police uniform at least once—and he looked amazing in it! In Criminal Minds, the Korean adaptation of the American series, he plays Kim Hyun Joon, a former SWAT officer, who joins an elite group of profilers, the National Criminal Investigation team. He and the rest of the NCI team chase serial killers and other criminals throughout the series.


6. Song Joong Ki in Descendants Of The Sun (2016)

If we could call anyone the pioneer for men in uniform in K-dramaland, it would be Song Joong Ki. Descendants Of The Sun is an iconic drama about Yoo Si Jin (Joong Ki) aka “Big Boss,” captain of a special forces unit, and Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo), an accomplished doctor. When the two first meet, sparks fly, but they eventually part ways due to differences in their life philosophies. When they meet again in the land of Urk, they must learn to handle their feelings while dealing with war.

7. Ji Chang Wook in The K2 (2016)

Chang Wook was pretty much in all sorts of disguises when he played a night courier in the action-packed drama, Healer, but our fave outfit on him is definitely his military combat uniform in The K2. In the drama, he plays Kim Je Ha, an ex-military operative in Iraq, who becomes a bodyguard for Go Anna (Yoona), daughter of a presidential candidate, back in Korea. So not only do we see Chang Wook in army garb in the drama, we also get him in police uniform and tailored suits.


8. Lee Seung Gi in The King 2 Hearts (2012)

Seung Gi was mostly in police uniform in his recent thriller, Mouse, and he certainly looked dashing, but we have a soft spot for his military getup in one of his earlier dramas, The King 2 Hearts. Here, Seung Gi plays Prince Lee Jae Ha, second in line to the throne, in modern-day Korea. As he shows no interest in politics, his brother sends him to joint military exercises with North Korea in an effort to make him a more mature man. There, he meets Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), the strong and capable captain of the North Korean special forces, and falls in love with her.


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