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15 Things Only K-Drama Fans Will Understand

We sleep only to rest our eyes to watch more K-dramas.
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As you go through the different ~*phases*~ of being K-drama-obsessed, there will come a time when you realize na kinain ka na ng sistema, and there's no way out, LOL. Need proof? We listed below the 15 things that only K-drama addicts can 100% understand:

1. "Omo!" is the new "OMG!"

Then there's "Omo! Omo! Omo!" when the two main leads are about to ~*kiss*~ (or when you're about to drop something you're holding!). We also cannot forget about the new "Really?!"jinjja!

2. Realizing that it's already 4 a.m. and you're *still* wide awake and binge-watching is totes normal.

"Isang episode na lang" is your favorite lie.

15 things that only K-drama fans will understand
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3. Everyone you see is an oppa in your eyes.

Even if it shouldn't be (Trivia time: you call someone an oppa when you're a girl and he's older than you, hyung naman when you're a guy!), hehe. 

4. You eat ramyeon straight from the pot, inspired by your favorite characters.

Tbh para konti lang ang huhugasan.

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5.  You've started an ~*intense*~ skincare routine because na-inspire ka talaga sa K-dramas.

Gotta get that glass skin similar to your fave Korean actress!

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6. You're constantly torn between finishing a K-drama or watching another K-drama.

*insert that sweating guy meme who's choosing between two buttons* 

7. You're not patient, but you'd gladly endure the ~painful~ waiting that comes with watching an ongoing series.

Can't be bothered to wait in line, but ready maghintay ng 123456789 days before a new ep is aired! Yes, we are looking at you, True Beauty.

8. You know that painful feeling that comes when a K-drama ends. :(

Sometimes I just catch myself staring at my ceiling because I have nothing to watch anymore, HUHUHU (who am I kidding, though). Like really, how do you move on?!

9. You literally LOL when you hear these: "Disghursthing shyet," "Sarreh, yeah, sarreh," "Gwaenchana gwaenchana!"

If you know, you know.

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10. You've secretly ordered makeup featured in some of the K-dramas you've seen.

The goal is to look like someone who popped out of a webtoon. Or maybe Park Min YoungMalay natin.

11. At one point, you realize you don't even have ~*normal*~ crushes anymore, just a long list of oppas that you love.

At least hindi ka nila i-seseen, 'di ba. Love you, Seon Ho.

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12. Singing your fave K-drama OST at the top of your lungs while taking a shower is super normal.

The complete OST, btw. 

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13. When people ask you for K-drama recos, you start writing an essay.

Yieee, gagawa na 'yan ng novel.

14. Seeing all the spoilers on your Facebook feed makes you *super* upset.

And then you will realize that you also love ~sharing~ your thoughts after watching an ep, hehe.

15. You've imagined a scenario in your head where someone shares an umbrella with you when it's raining.

The key is to leave the house without any umbrella, sis.

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