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10 K-Drama Male Characters Who Are Walking ~Green Flags~

Of course, Lee Jun Ho is number one. *wink*
10 K-Drama Male Characters Who Are Walking Green Flags

Interesting plots, breathtaking sceneries, electric chemistry between the leads, mouthwatering food—these are but some of the many varied reasons why we all love K-dramas so much. But perhaps the biggest draw of all is its characters. How many times have we fallen in love with the characters in a K-drama? For me, it's too many to count.

Some characters just simply stand out more because how good they look outside is just as good, if not more so, than how they are on the inside. So for today's video article…

Here are 10 male characters from recent K-dramas that radiates major green flag vibes:

1. Lee Jun Ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Lee Jun Ho is Mr. Reliable at the Hanbada Law Firm. He is also the only one who helps rookie attorney Woo Young Woo get past the building's revolving doors on her first day at work. He even teaches her a technique so she can pass through the doors on her own. He allows Young Woo to blabber on about whales, even when others find it annoying. And when Young Woo thinks that everyone who chooses to side with her only ends up losing, Jun Ho was there to say "I want to be on the same side as you, Attorney Woo."


Lee Jun-ho waltzes his way into Woo Young-woo’s life | Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

2. Denver in Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area

While we totally understand that Denver is a thief in this show, it's hard not to look past the things he's done especially for the people he cares about. When Berlin orders him to kill Mi Sun, he grapples with his conscience and fails to push through with it. Denver ensures her safety, even if it means going against his team. He is also one loving son who would risk his life to save his father.

Lee Joobeen silences Kim Ji-hun with a kiss | Money Heist: Korea Ep 6 [ENG SUB]

3. Cha Sung Hoon in Business Proposal

Cha Sung Hoon is fiercely loyal, both to his job and to his boss/childhood BFF, Kang Tae Moo. He is even willing to give up his feelings for Young Seo who is "betrothed" to Tae Moo already. Despite keeping his distance, he still helps her out in many ways, including chasing down her perverted neighbor. And when they finally get together, Sung Hoon is supportive of her. He knows she deserves better. He stands by Young Seo's side when she finally decides to cut ties with her stuck-up family. He supports her plans of launching her own start-up by investing in her company, even taking a year off from work to help her set the ground running.

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Kim Min-gue pulls Seol In-a back in for a kiss | Business Proposal Ep 6 [ENG SUB]

4. Moon Ji Woong in Twenty Five, Twenty One

Moon Ji Woong is that student who simply oozes confidence and charisma. His vanity, however, is not the kind that makes him think he's superior to anyone else. He helps his friends when they are in need, even going to the frontlines if necessary. And while lots of girls like him, his loyalty is to Go Yu Rim only. He doesn't force himself upon her, but is always there when she needs him. More importantly, Ji Woong lets Yu Rim shine and supports her dreams all while making sure he is working on himself so she can be just as proud of him.

Twenty Five Twenty One | Go Yu Rim & Moon Ji Woong

5. Kim Seon Woo in Thirty Nine

At first, Seon Woo provides the distraction Cha Mi Jo needs in this tumultuous time in her life. Over time, however, we see how he soothes her and helps her find her balance. He doesn’t force her to talk about her problems but rather lets her take her time in opening up. Seon Woo also understands how important Mi Jo's friends are to her. He doesn't get angry when she cancels on him because she needs to be with her friends. Most of all, he is someone who is ready to fight for Mi Jo and wouldn't let anyone look down on her, not even his father.


Thirty-Nine | Cha Mi Jo & Kim Seon Woo Story

6. Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Cheong San in All Of Us Are Dead

Beyond their good looks, both Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Cheong San display great courage as they lead their group into finding a way out of their zombie-infested school. Soo Hyuk was once a bully but has since turned over a new leaf and helps the bullied instead. Cheong San, on the other hand, would rather face the zombie pack than let his crush, On Jo, get in harm's way. Both are remarkable characters who would always choose what is right rather than what is easy.

Lee Cheong-San and Nam On-Jo Hold on All of us are dead FMV

Suhyeok x Namra Lovely [All Of Us Are Dead]

7. Choi Woong in Our Beloved Summer

It's in the littlest of gestures that Choi Woong stands out as a good boyfriend. It's in the way he tilts his umbrella more towards Kook Yeon Su in cases of sudden downpours. It's in how he never leaves her side, even when he's angry at her. It's in how he breaks his own sleeping schedule just to be with her. And it's in how he opens up his world to her, to remind her that she is never alone. His family and friends are hers, too. Woong knows that Yeon Su tends to skip her meals, so he often wonders if she's already eaten. That has never changed, even when they're already broken up.


A sudden downpour brings Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi closer | Our Beloved Summer Ep 4 [ENG SUB]

8. Jung Ji Woon in The King's Affection

More than his good looks and towering height, Jung Ji Woon is one fearless character who knows how to fight for his principles in life. His honesty is also what makes his character great! When he starts harboring feelings for the crown prince, he is honest to himself enough to allow the feelings to run their course. He isn't even intimated at the thought of loving someone who outranks him in status. His sense of humor is also on point! Surely, there are no dull days with Ji Woon around.

Park Eun-bin bares her biggest secret before Rowoon | The King’s Affection Ep 12 [ENG SUB]

9. Hong Du Sik in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hong Du Sik is the jack of all trades in Gongjin. He's a skilled individual who knows how to do lots of things (his licensessssssss are proof of this). He's literally everywhere, doing a variety of odd jobs that contribute to the overall well-being of everyone in town. Du Sik has a knack for connecting with people from all ages and walks of life, even if it is someone he just met. His bedimpled smile can make your heart go weak but Du Sik can also be frank and call you out on your mistakes.


Kim Seon-ho is Shin Min-a’s knight in surfing armor | Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

10. Lee Ik Jun, Kim Jun Wan, Yang Seok Hyung, and Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist

Ik Jun is a competent doctor, a reliable mentor, and a humorous friend. He is friends with everyone, whether it's the maintenance staff or the president of Yulje Hospital. He is also a great father to Uju. Despite his busy schedule, Ik Jun makes time to go camping with him and never forgets to buy his son's favorite egg drop sandwich.

Cho Jung-seok charms his way around the hospital | Hospital Playlist Season 2 Ep 7 [ENG SUB]

Jun Wan, on the other hand, seems aloof and detached but deep inside is a softie. He doesn’t beat around the bush, which sometimes comes across as rude. But his pragmatism enables him to save the lives of his patients. He's tough on his residents too, but it eventually shows that it’s his way of preparing them for the harsh demands of the job.

How best friends eavesdrop on calls with girlfriends | Hospital Playlist Ep 11 [ENG SUB]

Yang Seok Hyeong's familial situation is in disarray, which is why he prefers to be alone. However, we see Seok Hyeong as a devoted son and a reliable friend to Crew 99. Like Jun Wan, his bluntness can cause anxiety for his residents. But the way he slowly opens up and lets other people into his life is his own way of overcoming his traumas—such character development!


Kim Dae-myeung’s visit leaves Ahn Eun-jin in tears | Hospital Playlist Season 2 Ep 8 [ENG SUB]

Lastly, Ahn Jeong Won is the most affectionate and emotionally sensitive of all—both are requirements in pediatric surgery and traits that have become second nature to him. He's an exquisitely talented doctor, a great drummer, and a firm yet understanding teacher. Most of all, Jeong Won established the "Daddy Long Legs Foundation," funded by his own salary, so that poor patients can get the treatment they need without having to worry about its cost.

Yoo Yeon-seok answers a confession with a kiss | Hospital Playlist Ep 12 [ENG SUB]

How about you, guys? Who do you think are walking green flags in the K-dramas you've recently watched? Share your picks with us in the comments section!


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