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6 K-Drama Neighborhoods We Want To Be A Part Of

From Gongjin village to Ssangmundong!
Our Favorite K-Drama Neighborhoods

We often see a romantic couple or a solid group of friends in K-dramas, but have you ever noticed that the best series have neighbors you can totally relate to? Although at first, they love gossiping about you (we'd like to call them the Korean version of our ~local Marites~) and you'll most likely have a fightthese neighbors are actually kind the more you get to know them! They're trustworthy, they love sending food to you and your family, and are always there whenever you need them. It must be nice to live in their places, 'no?

We selected six of our favorite K-drama neighborhoods that we'd love to be a part of:

1. Gongjin Village (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)

A house by the sea? Check. A group of Marites who cares for you? Check. A fun-filled singing contest with a sudden K-pop group performance? Check. Really, what's not to love about Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha's Gongjin village? Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing is already lovely, but to have neighbors who remember the little things about you just seal the deal. Plus, there's a Hong banjang who will make every (Sun)day romantic!


2. Haenam Village (Racket Boys)

If you want to reminisce about your life in the province, the best thing to do is watch Racket Boys! The feel-good drama is about a group of aspiring badminton players who live in the peaceful Haenam village. Most of their neighbors are *moody* yet loving lolos, lolas, and ahjummas who consider them as their own children. Think random gifts that will cheer you up and the most heartwarming advice that will help you grow. Of course, they will also ask you to do some chores because that's what it's like in real life, LOL!

3. Ssangmundong (Reply 1988)

Do you get ~*emotional*~ whenever you listen to the OST of Reply 1988? Because same! The relationships in this drama will just tug at your heartstringslike how the Ssangmundong neighbors would treat each other like family. They can visit each other's house as they wish and they're always armed with a lot of food. Just like our own kapitbahay! Although the ending showed us an empty Ssangmundong, we will always remember it as a place where the best memories were made. 

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4. North Korean Village (Crash Landing On You)

While this neighborhood has its own unique charm, what we love the most about it is the group of inspiring women who lives here. They're far from perfect and that's what makes them really admirable. The ahjummas can be annoying at times but admit it or not, you were impressed by how they stand for each other when the situation calls for it. Yoon Se Ri is so lucky!

5. Town Of Ongsan (When The Camellia Blooms)

TBH, I was initially annoyed at the Ongsan ahjummas after they judged Dong Baek for being a single mom. But in the next episodes, they started treating her like their youngest sister whom they would pick on but would always protect, too. And that's on character development! Remember when they became the Ongsan Avengers and were there to make sure that Dong Baek is safe and sound? They even wore matching outfits and practiced at night! We would definitely be teary-eyed, too, if we were Dong Baek. Huhu.


6. Geumga Plaza (Vincenzo)

And the most chaotic neighborhood award goes to...Geumga Plaza! This place is technically not a neighborhood but since Vincenzo spends more hours here than his apartment (he also calls it home), it's still worth adding to our list. In the first few episodes, the tenants appeared to be a bit weird but they're actually talented! They're also super funny and not to mention loyal. Who can forget their dramatic rally, the iconic corn salad homecoming, and the award-winning acting when they went to the museum? Living with them would definitely be fun and exciting, and you're assured that they will always stick with you. Bravo!

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