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9 Of Our Favorite K-Drama OSTs That Were Sung By K-Pop Idols

Some of them starred in those dramas, too!
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Any K-drama experience isn't complete without its signature OST! The way the OST perfectly enters a scene in drama can make or break a lot of its crucial moments—and no, OSTs don't have to be ballads to enhance a scene.

With that in mind, not a lot of people know it, but a bunch of our favorite K-drama OSTs were actually sung by K-pop idols. There's actually a lot, but we can't list them all! So here's a quick list of some of our favorites:

1. "Stand By Me" by SHINee (Boys Over Flowers)

Let's start off strong with one of the most famous OSTs and K-dramas out there. "Stand By Me" by SHINee has the power to bring you back to the good old days where Geum Jan Di had Gu Jun Pyo wrapped all around her finger without her even knowing it and meaning to!

2. "Everytime" by EXO's Chen ft. Punch (Descendants Of The Sun)

We don't mean to rub salt on open wounds, but this list wouldn't be complete without Descendants Of The Sun's "Everytime" by Punch and EXO vocalist Chen! The moment Punch belts out the first few words, we're transported back to the meaningful looks between Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. (Huhuhu)


3. "Stay With Me" by EXO's Chanyeol ft. Punch (Goblin)

2016 was clearly a great year for K-dramas as we were also given Goblin and its just-as-heart-wrenching (you know what I mean) OST "Stay With Me" by EXO's rapper Chanyeol and, once again, solo artist Punch.

4. "Double Trouble Couple" by MAMAMOO (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

Let's take a break from heartbreak, shall we? K-pop vocal powerhouse MAMAMOO performs with the right amount of romantic, strong, and adorable vocals that'll make you giggle as you remember the adorable antics of Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik (who is also a member of the group ZE:A).

5. "Even If I Die, It's You" by BTS' V and Jin (Hwarang)

Apart from being one of the Hwarangs in the story, Kim Taehyung aka V (who played Suk Han Sung) and his bandmate from BTS, Jin, sing about wanting to keep someone in your life so desperately in a contrastingly upbeat melody.

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6. "Take" by JUS2 (He Is Psychometric)

Who can forget Shin Ye Eun's performance as Yoon Jae In and her chemistry with Park Jin Young (Lee Ahn) from K-pop boy group GOT7? Not to mention how his bandmates' sub-unit JUS2 (composed of GOT7's JB and Yugyeom) performed the drama's OST, "Take", with so much emotion that gave the show as much romance as it had suspense.

7. "All With You" by Girls' Generation's Taeyeon (Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Did you really think we were done with heartbreaks? Any OST from Scarlet Heart Ryeo can reduce us all into a puddle of tears, and one of them was performed by Girls' Generation leader Kim Taeyeon.

8. "All About You" by Girls' Generation's Taeyeon (Hotel Del Luna)

If you can't get enough of Taeyeon's vocals and feel like you've heard it somewhere else, then you're right! She also sang Hotel Del Luna's OST "All About You" setting the mood for the drama (I mean, does IU always have to break our heart? Not complaining though, she was great here, too.)


9. "Orbit" by MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa (The King: Eternal Monarch)

One of the newest on our list, Hwa Sa's sultry voice perfectly fits The King: Eternal Monarch's intense storyline, making it perfect as Lee Min Ho's comeback to the small screen and Kim Go Eun's always noteworthy performance!

Wow, if you go through all of these songs in one sitting, it's actually quite of a rollercoaster ride! Which K-drama OST makes you want to watch a whole series all over again?