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8 K-pop Songs That *Should* Be In Your Christmas Playlist

8 K-Pop Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Holidays Happy
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The weather has been cooler than usual lately and Christmas is finally here Have you finished your Christmas gift list already? The holiday season is a mix of different feelings: Some people love to bask in the festivities and celebrations spent with loved ones while some people feel the stress of the busiest time of the year.

Whatever your mood is, we’ve rounded up a K-pop holiday playlist you can play on full blast to get you in the holiday spirit, or you can pick up your earphones and reminisce on the past year’s memories all on your own.

K-pop Christmas songs to listen to

1. "Wish Tree" by Red Velvet

This lovely song expresses the simple happiness of being with a loved one during this season and wishing to be together always. The harmonies of the Red Velvet members give this song a warmth that will make you feel nostalgic.


This song is perfect for you if: You are spending the holidays with that special someone

Our favorite lyrics:

My first wish is for you and me to be happy like we were today

The second wish is to always be together even after several winters

The third wish is for all the other wishes to come true.

Watch Red Velvet perform this song live on Music Bank Christmas Special 2015:

Red Velvet - Wish Tree [Music Bank Christmas Special / 2015.12.25]

2. "Christmas EveL" by Stray Kids

Not excited to join all the Christmas parties lined up on your calendar? This song is perfect for you! It’s an upbeat and lively song talking about how there’s nothing romantic about the snow falling and declaring that I don’t need presents among other cynical remarks. The lyrics are witty, and the music video is equally fun, too!

This song is perfect for you if: You’re not in the mood to celebrate

watch now

Our favorite lyrics:

I used to wish it would be special on this special day

But not anymore, I only hope nothing ever happens

Check out the full MV here:

3. "Merry and Happy" by TWICE

TWICE brings us a sweet pop song that will immediately put you in that holiday vibe. With its catchy melody, you’ll definitely play this over and over even until Christmas is over! The lyrics express the joy of spending the first Christmas with newfound love. We’re probably a little envious!

This song is perfect for you if: You started a new relationship and you can’t contain all the feels

Our favorite lyrics:

Walking on this street with my hand in yours, even the lights look different

They’re so pretty

Maybe I’m crazy

Watch the MV here:

TWICE - Merry & Happy [Music Bank COMEBACK / 2017.12.15]

4. "The Winter’s Tale" by BTOB

Don’t be fooled by the bright melody of this song that makes you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland or a Disney movie! The lyrics are quite painful as BTOB members sing about wishing an ex-lover happiness with someone else and telling that person that they can’t cry. This song expresses that stage when you’re not totally over someone and you’re in between crying over the failed relationship and letting go.


This song is perfect for you if: You recently went through a breakup

Our favorite lyrics:

It’ll be hard to revive this never-ending story

This is my first sad breakup

There’s no reason that the winter gets colder each year

Check out BTOB’s Music Core stage here:

[Comeback Stage] BTOB - The Winter's Tale, Show Music core 20141220

5. "Love You On Christmas" by Baek Yerin

The sound of the piano in this Christmas ballad makes you want to close your eyes and walk down memory lane. Baek Yerin’s voice is so soothing and fits this healing ballad perfectly. And though the song is probably intended to convey love to a special someone, the message of the song can also be for family and friends.

This song is perfect for you if: You want to show appreciation to the people who stood by you this year

Our favorite lyrics:

I’m not happy because it’s a special day


I’m happy because I’m with you

Watch the special live video here:

6. "Forever" by aespa

This beautiful love song may not have been released in December, but it captures the essence of the holidays. This song speaks about the promise of loving and protecting someone forever. The aespa members’ clear vocals make this such a nice song to listen to all throughout the holidays and even all year round.

This song is perfect for you if: You are taking the next step in your relationship. Wedding bells this time of year, maybe?

Our favorite lyrics:

So that you can live in happiness and love forever

I'll always stand by your side

Always just like now

Check out the full MV here:


7. "Love At First Sight" by VERIVERY

The VERIVERY members sing of falling in love at first sight like the first snow falling in winter. It’s a fresh and light song that will make you experience the feeling of young love all over again. The MV also showcases fun and easy dance steps you can use for your office Christmas party dance number or your next Tiktok Christmas dance cover video!


This song is perfect for you if: you’re reminiscing about your first love.

Our favorite lyrics:

Hey, shall we walk together?

Watch the special MV here:

VERIVERY - (Love at first sight)

8. "Eternal Flame" by PENTAGON

What’s special about this song is that PENTAGON’s fans, Universe, are credited in the song as lyricists because the lyrics are based on fan letters and messages to the Pentagon members which they turned into a song. The song was also released on Christmas Day last year and is about being together and holding each other’s hands through the ups and downs of life. Isn’t that a really sweet gift?

This song isperfect for you if: You’re a K-pop fan supporting your favorite idol

Our favorite lyrics: 

I pray for you

Our world becomes my universe

It gives me strength

Let’s hold each other’s hand and trust in each other

Check out the special live video here:


(PENTAGON) - '(Eternal Flame)' Special Live Clip

Which K-pop song are you adding to your Christmas playlist this year? We hope you get to take a break during the holidays to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate the true reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

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