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7 K-Pop Idols With Their Own YouTube Channels

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/lalalalisa_m, (RIGHT) Instagram/dlwlrma

Vlogging is literally booming, from local influencers to international celebrities. Sa totoo lang, it's a good way to showcase your personality without the pressure of conforming to someone else's creative vision.

K-pop idols are certainly not exempted from the hype! A handful of them have started their own YouTube channels to share all sorts of visual contentfrom candid vlogs to aesthetic AF clips. Below, we list down Korean pop stars with YouTube channels worth hitting that Subscribe button for.

1. Mamamoo's Solar 

Power girl group Mamamoo's leader Solar posts all sorts of quality content on her channelfrom covering songs like a boss to a-day-in-the-life-of-an-idol kind of vlogs.

2. iKON's Song

iKON member Song (aka Yunhyeong) has a channel called SONGCHELIN GUIDE where he shares ASMR videos of him eating, cooking clips, as well as fun travel vlogs featuring other iKON members.

3. Girl's Day's Hyeri

Girl's Day member Hyeri posts all sorts of video content for fans, from GRWM videos to mukbangs. She even has a vlog featuring fellow K-pop idol and close friend Rose from BLACKPINK.


Speaking of BLACKPINK, another memberLisahas a channel called Lilifilm where she typically uploads very ~aesthetic~ travel vlogs as well as the occasional but highly-rated dance covers.

5. Day6's Jae 

Day6's guitarist and vocalist Jae has a channel caled JaeSix where he uploads a vlog series he aptly calls A Jae In The Life as well as some solo songs he wrote and produced himself.

6. IU

How does it feel like to live the life of Korean star IU? Her YouTube channel might just give you a glimpse that, and more. She even tried to live the lives of her fans when she attempted to get tickets to her own concert, LOL.


7. 2NE1's Dara

Former 2NE1 member and local sweetheart Dara's channel is just as interesting as her. She's got vlogs featuring her longtime friends in the PH showbiz industry as well as her former 2NE1 bandmates.


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