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8 K-Pop Idols With YouTube Channels That You Should Subscribe To ASAP

Peek into more of your faves' daily lives!
8 K-Pop Idols With YouTube Channels

Ever wonder what other personal interests your favorite K-pop idol has when they are not on official schedules? The rise of social media all over the world in the past years has made fans feel connected to celebrities no matter the distance. We see artists updating photos regularly on their Instagram accounts. Some even reply to fans on Twitter!

One recent trend has been idols getting into vlogging via their own YouTube channels and fans love it! Through their vlogs, celebrities are able to express themselves by their personal content—a day-in-the-life vlogs, song and dance covers, skincare routines, and more. The sky's the limit!

Here are eight K-pop idols with YouTube channels and some of their interesting vlogs:


Rosé started uploading a few videos of extra content related to her official schedules one year ago. Recently, she has been uploading song covers and fans get to hear more of her beautiful voice. Her most recent video is a little more personal. She goes baking for a day and even had lessons from a professional. We see Rosé’s adorable and hardworking side as she tries her hand at baking different pastries. They turned out looking quite delicious as well! Watch her baking vlog here:

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Baking vlog

2. Apink's Bomi

Don't be intimidated by the Korean titles of her videos. Bomi's vlogs have subtitles! She is very active on YouTube, and releases fun and interesting videos ranging from behind-the-scenes videos, travel vlogs, GRWM content, and a lot more. With her bubbly personality and her wide variety of vlogs, you won't get bored with her videos! Fan favorites are the ones where other Apink members appear in her videos, too, like this mukbang with Chorong and Eunji. She even shared a trivia to the members that mukbangs started for those who usually eat alone, and this kind of content became famous because it felt like you are eating together with the content creator. That totally makes sense! Check out the full video here (Warning: You'll get Korean food cravings by the end of the video):

3. EXO's Baekhyun

It’s been a while since Baekhyun last uploaded a video, but his existing videos are still great to watch. He gives us short glimpses of his everyday life—Baekhyun just being Baekhyun. Fans see different sides of him through his content as we see him meeting up with a friend at a café, hanging out with his dog, playing games, and doing ASMR. We even see a glimpse of his idol friends! Did you know that he's friends with Lai Guanlin? Watch his vlog where he did several fun activities in a day here:

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4. iKON's Chanwoo

Chanwoo started his YouTube channel three years ago and has been consistently uploading content since then. His videos are creative with added humorous twists. Through his vlogs, Chanwoo has shown his cooking skills, challenged himself to take the CSAT, took an MBTI test with his iKON members, and a ton of other content fans look forward to. We spotted a gem as well—Chanwoo making our very own famous dessert, halo-halo! He does it step-by-step really carefully and it's too cute to watch! We love that you liked it but yes, Chanwoo, grape jelly doesn't go with halo-halo! Check the full video here:

[SUB] Making Popular Filipino Snack Halo-Halo in Korea!!

5. GOT7's JB

Do you know that aside from being GOT7's leader, JB, creates music under the name Def.? He then uploads his songs and albums to his YouTube channel and even releases official videos and live performances there. Fans will definitely see another aspect to his musicality through JB's songs as Def. It would be hard to pick a favorite song because all of them are masterpieces! However, we recommend "Sunset With You." It will make you want to daydream while watching the sunset or close your eyes and feel like you're floating in the sky. Watch the music video here:

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Def. - SUNSET WITH YOU [Official Video]

6. Girls' Generation's Yoona

Definitely a legend in the K-pop industry, sweet and lovely Yoona takes us with her on her journey as an idol through her YouTube videos. She shows fans videos of her going on dress-fittings, getting a haircut, preparing for a commercial shoot, and even doing behind-the-scenes of her projects! If you're curious about what goes on during official schedules, Yoona is the celebrity to follow. Check out this dance practice video for her special MC performance in the 2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon:

7. Monsta X's Wonho

ASMRs, workout videos, dance practice, fruit mukbangs, travel vlogs—the list goes on and on! Wonho's vlogs are well-loved by fans as he shows snippets of his everyday life. He also uploads videos of him working on his craft and, of course, backstage vids of music show performances. One of the videos that hold a special place in the hearts of Wonho's fans is his solo debut preparations. It was nice seeing him doing what he loves and sharing every moment with us! Watch the first part here:

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[ohhoho] Wonho's solo debut! Album preparation process part.1 l WONHO

8. BIGBANG's Daesung

Since Daesung is not that active on social media, it's a truly pleasant surprise when he opened his YouTube channel! But even then, he keeps it lowkey with his content focusing on drum covers and semi-silent vlogs with a sprinkling of funny videos here and there. His content totally fits his personality and we love him for it! The signature V hand pose with LOG beside it to indicate that the video he uploaded is a vlog is too witty for words. Check out this ~interview~ video where D'splay *denies* he is BIGBANG's Daesung and claims he is just a doppelganger (LOL! We can’t stop laughing!):

[SUB] D'splay exclusive interview video


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