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8 K-Pop Songs By Female Artists That Advocate Women Empowerment

Happy Women's Month!
8 K-Pop Songs About Women Empowerment

While K-pop songs are easy to listen and dance along to because of the way their music is produced, more often than not, listeners tend to overlook the true meaning of a song. A lot of K-pop tracks actually talk about different topics—such as quarter-life crisis and mental health.

In celebration of Women's Month, we have prepared a list of K-pop songs by female artists that encourage women to know their worth and be fearless and proud of themselves. From girl groups to solo artists, these tracks are guaranteed to empower you.

K-pop songs about women empowerment

  1. "Maria" by Hwasa

    Society's standards are indeed so hard to break. Because of this, a lot of us try to fit in which in turn affects us negatively. In this song, Hwasa promotes self-love through the appreciation and acceptance of oneself.  "Maria" is a masterpiece and it will remind you that you're beautiful in your own way.

    Maria Maria, I'm saying this for you
    It’s a shining night, don’t torment yourself
    Oh Maria, these words are for you
    Why are you struggling? You're already beautiful

    [MV] (Hwa Sa) - (Maria)

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  2. "WANNABE" by ITZY

    There is nothing more empowering than being you. ITZY sings about loving yourself and not pleasing others in this LSS-inducing bop that topped the charts. The lyrics about not caring what others say are compelling enough, and the powerful shoulder dance is the cherry on top.

    No matter what they say, I'm me
    I just want to be me
    I don't have to be anything because I'm perfect when I'm myself


  3. "LION" by (G)I-DLE

    Over the years, women have gone so far from breaking the stereotype. In this song, (G)I-DLE uses the lion figuratively as a symbol of power and strength. Just like in history, women rebelled, fought alongside and also against men, and rose high enough to rule a kingdom.

    I create a new path no one has attempted before
    All those condescending people will click their tongues
    But the applause I receive after breaking that prejudice is thrilling
    I've had a taste, now I can't deny it
    I’m a queen
    ((G)I-DLE) - 'LION' Official Music Video

  4. "Woman" by BoA
    BoA is a legendary solo female artist ever since her debut in 2000. With her song "Woman," she tells a story of finding your inner beauty and being confident in showing your true self. The track elaborates the true essence of being a woman and highlights how each of us is unique in our own way. Being a woman is beautiful—you are beautiful.

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    When I was forced to be "feminine" (girls on top)
    At that time, I had no idea what “woman” meant (didn't know that)
    Now I know what I really need (I've got it)
    I'm a wonderful person with a cool inner strength
    Feels good to be a woman

    BoA 'Woman' MV


    Whether your dream is to be a stay-at-home wife with undivided attention for your kids or a single woman who runs her own business, TWICE encourages you to continue dreaming that way. It doesn't matter how big or small your dream isas long as it makes you happy, you will be in a place that's meant for you in the end.

    You are not alone, anyone has crossed this path
    On this path, there's happiness that can be met whenever
    We, too, are going far. Fly with us.
    Oh girls, do what you want
    You're going the right way


  6. "I Am The Best" by 2NE1

    If you find it hard to be confident on some days, listen to this song with catchy lyrics that translate to "I am the best." This classic gem tells you that you are incomparable, in a world where comparison destroys every ounce of courage you've mustered to be yourself.

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    I refuse to be compared, I'm telling you the truth
    If we're talking about my value, I'm a million-dollar, baby

    2NE1 (I AM THE BEST) M/V

  7. "Ah Yeah" by EXID

    Women have always been patient and kind to whoever they're interacting with. But when men cross the line, they should take the hint. In this song, EXID sings about men annoying women with their creepy acts and questions. It's important to know that you have the right to speak up and stand your ground when treated with disrespect.

    These moments are so typical, it's making me uncomfortable
    Stop asking me those kinds of things

    EXID (Ah Yeah) Music Video [Official MV]

  8. "Gashina" by Sunmi

    When someone you love leaves you, you're bound to run after them or wallow in self-pity. Sunmi relays in this song that you can always focus on yourself and rediscover how special you are as you heal from the heartbreak (dancing to "Gashina" might help you with the healing process as well!).

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    Fine, in order to forget you
    I'm going to live like a flower, I'll be myself
    Can't nobody stop me now

    [MV] SUNMI_ Gashina


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