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The 'Kadenang Ginto' Love Teams Are Starring In Their First Movies This November


Guys, Kadenang Ginto teens Andrea BrillantesSeth Fedelin, Francine Diaz, and Kyle Echarri are starring in two new rom-coms this month. And for the first time ever, they'll be appearing in ~separate~ projects. iWant has announced that they're releasing back-to-back movies Wild Little Love and Silly Red Shoes VERY SOON. Here's what we know: 

Wild Little Love 

It's directed by Benedict Mique! The sitch: Spoiled rich girl Sam (Andrea) is a cheerleader who loves to party and get drunk, make out with her BF in public, and steal people's cars. Because of her ~wild~ ways, Sam's parents decide to transfer her to a different schoola public school. There, she meets Jake (Seth), a simple chickboy who befriends her, and eventually falls for her. Jake's friend tells him that he's just an "experiment" to Sam, and Sam's mom reminds her that her public school situation is only temporary. However, both Sam and Jake are determined to make their romance work. 


Silly Red Shoes 

In this film directed by James MayoFrancine and Kyle play childhood friends Ashley and Chuck. Chuck, a shoemaker's son, invites Ashley to join a contest with him as a shoe model. Here's the thing though: It seems like Ashley's "alien feet" keep changing sizes. But that doesn't stop Chuck from trying to make the perfect shoes for her. And based on the trailer, it seems like he's always had romantic feelings for Ashley. Awww! 

Congrats, KyCine and SethDrea! 

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