Kanye And Kim Are Planning To Make A Movie About Their Lives

Can you guess who'll play them?

Surprise, surprise? Kanye and Kim are planning to make a movie about their love story, and three studios are rumored to be fighting over the rights!

A senior executive from Universal reportedly told the Daily Star Sunday that they “doubt we are talking about an Oscar-worthy production with high artistic merit.” But they’re sure on box office success with the couple’s huge fan base and 45 million Twitter followers.

Kim is reported to be eyeing voluptuous stars Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks to play her on the big screen. She’s “hyper-excited” about the project. 

As for Kanye—well, he’s being cool about it. Some say he has his reservations, but he’ll most likely “come around” and “be picky” about who’ll play him.

If they really were coming up with a movie, would you watch it? Comment below!

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