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Katarina Rodriguez On The First Trimester Of Her Pregnancy: 'I didn't care about how I looked'

She also had some ~weird~ pregnancy symptoms.

Katarina Rodriguez is sharing all the pregnancy changes, cravings, and *crazy* symptoms she had during the first trimester of her pregnancy.

In a Youtube vlog uploaded on October 11, the former beauty queen, who is now in her third trimester, revealed she didn't care much about her looks during the first few months of pregnancy.

"I was so lazy to fix myself. I would just sleep all the time. I didn't care about how I looked. If you saw me that first trimester, yung mga sinusuot ko were loose clothes. I didn't like wearing my panties or bras anymore. I just wanted everything loose."

She added, "I didn't care about color coordination at all to the point that my tsinelas were in two different colors and were two different brands. Beauty queen and fashionista Katarina, if she looks back, will be suprised by all of her outfits."

She also talked about not experiencing a *pregnancy glow* in her first trimester.

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"The whole glow-up did not happen to me during my first trimester. My hair didn't get shiny and full. My skin wasn't glowing. It didn't really change."

As for an unusual pregnancy symptom, Katarina recalled seeing people's ~auras~.

"I could see color outlining people. It started with Nino's niece. The next day, it was on everyone. I looked it up and asked around about it and they say that some women, when they are pregnant, their third eye really opens and their intuition becomes stronger."

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She ended her video with a comforting message for all moms-to be: "I hope all of the mommas-to-be out there are really listening to their bodies, staying healthy, staying safe, and taking care of themselves. Self-love is so important when you are pregnant."