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Kate Middleton Mistaken For Elsa By NYC Schoolchildren

The resemblance is uncanny?

You might think Kate Middleton's trip to NYC peaked when she met America's royal family at a basketball game Monday night, but that's only because you don't know about the other thing that happened to her before she met the Carters.

During a visit to a Harlem children's center, Kate hung out with school kids and helped them decorate picture frames for the holidays. Typical enough behavior for a kindly visiting royal, yes, but apparently the children did not think Kate was at all typical. "They thought she was the princess from Frozen," a member of the center's board told People. "They absolutely opened to her." 


It's not clear which princess from Frozen the kids thought Kate was, since her luscious brunette locks aren't red like Anna's or blonde like Elsa's (or bald and snow-covered like Olaf's). But if I had to put money on it, I'd say Elsa, just because Kate really doesn't look like the type who wants to build a snowman. 


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