The Most Likely Names For Kate And Prince William's 3rd Baby

What adorable name will the next royal baby have?
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Come April 2018, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have a new sibling to fawn over when Kate Middleton gives birth to her third child with Prince William. Other than the due date, which Kensington Palace first revealed last fall, no major details about the baby have been announced.

Will George and Charlotte find themselves teaching everything they know about the palace life and posing for royal photographers to a little brother or little sister? And more importantly, what will this beloved child be named? Below, the top contenders.

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If it's a girl:


After Alice Maud Mary, daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Princess Alice was an outspoken member of the royal family when it came to women's rights. During the Austro-Prussian war, a pregnant Alice tended to the wounded and was close friends with Florence Nightingale.


After Queen Elizabeth II (whose full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary). Mary would also be a tribute to Alice Maud Mary. According to bookies in the UK, including Ladbrokes and Betfair, Mary recently took over the top spot from Alice as a top contender.


After Queen Victoria and of course, the other great British icon, Victoria Beckham.


After Queen Elizabeth’s full name. The name would also be a tribute to Prince George's first middle name, Alexander, and Queen Victoria's first name, Alexandrina.

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After the baby's paternal grandmother, Princess Diana. Diana is also part of Charlotte's full name (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana). Still, it would be a bold move for Kate and William to choose Diana as a first name for their third baby if they’re having a girl. In May 2015, shortly after Charlotte’s name was announced, royal writer and Diana's close friend Richard Kay told Vanity Fair, "Had it been the first name, I think it would have been terrible for the child," adding that the baby would have constantly been compared to her grandmother. Kay also said at the time, "Certainly not the Queen, but there are people at the palace for whom the name 'Diana' evokes storm clouds."

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After Queen Elizabeth II. The name was also a top contender for when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte, who ended up with Elizabeth as a second name.


After Princess Diana's middle name (she was Diana Frances Spencer before she married into the royal family). According to, the name "seems to be on the cusp of a possible revival."

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If it's a boy:


After Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband.


After William and Charles, who both have Arthur in their full names. Queen Victoria's seventh child, a boy, was also named Arthur, which has Celtic roots and means "bear."


As of March 2018, Ladbrokes has Frederick as the third most likely name Kate and William will give their child if it's a boy. The odds are currently at 16 to one, so if you haven't placed your bets, don't make another move.

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After the baby's uncle, Prince Harry, whose full name is Henry Charles Albert David. If this turns out to be true, 2018 will be remembered in history as the Year of Harry, which sounds pretty nice right now.


After a ton of kings (two English, six Scottish). James was also a top contender for names when Kate was pregnant with George and "Prince James" has the most lovely ring, doesn't it?


After the baby’s great-grandfather, Prince Philip. The baby's father also has Philip in his name (William Arthur Philip Louis).

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