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The Fans Behind Your Favorite Love Team IG Accounts Tell All talked to the people running KathNiel's @kadreamersworld, JaDine's @welovejadine, and LizQuen's @tataklizquenofficial.
PHOTO: (KATHNIEL) Instagram/kadreamersworld, (JADINE) Instagram/welovejadine

I have always been curious to find out who runs Instagram fan accounts. I mean, realistically speaking: Who would spend almost every single day updating a page devoted to their favorite celeb? Not many, right? Or so we think.

These accounts have become every voyeur's source of daily celeb content, especially in a country without the existence of paparazzi. And for an entertainment editor like me, Instagram (or the internet in general) is a gold mine. It's become a daily habit to scour through celebrity feeds for story leads, and more often than not, I do get the story.

For this feature, I tapped IG profiles dedicated to the three biggest love teams in the country: KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla), JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre), and LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil).

In the uber-toxic online world of clashing fandoms and rival love teams, one thing stood out in each of the fans interviewed: their love for their idols.

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* Note: All parties opted to keep their names, ages, and professions confidential. Answers have been edited for clarity.

KathNiel KaDreamers World (@kadreamersworld)

Current number of IG followers: 118k

Number of people managing the account: 3

Established: December 2012

When did you first start being fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla?

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We liked them the first time we saw them in the "Ulan" Station ID of ABS-CBN on August 28, 2011. And even more so when the show Growing Up started on September 24, 2011.

What's your daily routine when it comes to posting content? 

There is really no routine or required number of posts daily. Whenever there is an event or project, that would be the time when we'll have multiple IG posts in a day. And sometimes when inspiration strikes, like if we hear a song, or read a phrase or line that would remind us of them, we post [about it]. Since we come from different parts of the world, whoever is awake at the time will be in charge of updating our Instagram account.

Are you in contact with KathNiel's management? Do they give you content?

Yes, we are in contact with KathNiel's management, but they don't give us content for our IG posts.

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How do you source your content?

Most of our pictures are actually taken by the members of our group when we attend their events, and others are grabbed from other media sources. For those grabbed from others, we make sure to give credit to the owners of the pictures.

What do you do apart from managing @kadreamersworld? What is your day job?

The three of us who are managing this account are from different parts of the world. The one in the Philippines manages a small business, while the other two, based in the United Arab Emirates and Canada, are also working.

Have you ever met KathNiel in person? What was the experience like?

Yes! We have met them a number of times already. Seeing them always feels like the first time. We still get excited, amazed, and starstruck.

What's the thing you love most about Kathryn and Daniel?

We love them the most for how they treat their supporters. They never fail to appreciate us, their fans.

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Current number of IG followers: 157k

Number of people managing the account:

Established: March 2014

When did you first start being fans of James Reid and Nadine Lustre?

Some of our admins were fans of James ever since Pinoy Big Brother, [but] we mostly became fans when Diary ng Panget was released. 

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What's your daily routine when it comes to posting content? 

There are no certain number of posts per day; as long as there's an update [about] James, Nadine, or both of them, we post it right away. But on certain events like concerts, tours, and product launches, as much as possible we post updates on a real-time basis. Tasks are divided, and we have a staff schedule aiming for 24/7 updates. As an official account, we can only post [official releases from] their endorsements, projects, and management. 

Are you in contact with JaDine's management? Do they give you content?

We have a [contact person] in Viva, but mostly for verifying upcoming events/projects or if we have any clarifications. They don't normally give us content. 

How do you source your content?

We follow everyone connected to them at work: road managers, glam team, and their management, Viva. We mostly research and wait for announcements of their projects. A lot of their endorsements' ad agencies or project heads of their show reach out to us for promotions, or [to help them with making a hashtag] trend. We have built a relationship with them, all for our support to JaDine. 

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What do you do apart from managing @welovejadineWhat is your day job?

Majority of us are professionals in various fields and "mompreneurs." There is one student in the mix. Yes, we balance our work life with fangirlng 'cause we love JaDine. 

Have you ever met JaDine in person? What was the experience like?

Yes. It was an amazing experience. Meeting them personally [made us] realize how worth it it is to support them in all of their projects. They are very accommodating, thankful, and appreciative of all their fans for their support. 

What's the thing you love most about James and Nadine?

It's really the word "TEAM REAL"—not just because of them being a couple in real life. From the very start, they've been real to us fans. They've also showed and given us real talent. They've never given us a half-baked performance in any concert or tour we've been to. They are both kind and humble individuals. It's [about] them being passionate in all the things that they do that really inspires us to be passionate as well, in supporting them, no matter what.

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TATAK LIZQUEN OFFICIAL (@tataklizquenofficial)

Current number of IG followers: 54.7k

Number of people managing the account: 4

Established: December 2014

When did you first start being fans of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil?

We started to support Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil during Forevermore, their first TV series on ABS-CBN. The story was really good and the characters they portrayed as Agnes and Xander captured our hearts. So we established a fan club (Tatak LizQuen Official) and social media accounts including this Instagram to gather fans who love LizQuen, too. We loved them even more as we discovered the natural chemistry of LizQuen on-cam and off-cam. The kilig factor is real and undeniable.

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What's your daily routine when it comes to posting content? 

We check social media every day to get updates. As much as possible we research the origin or owner of the photo or video so we can give proper credit when we post it. If we can't find where it originally came from, we just put CTO (credit to the owner). We make sure to follow the proper way of posting content on our Instagram account: appropriate caption, photo tags (@lizasoberano @enriquegil17, etc.), and hashtags (#LizQuen #LizaSoberano #EnriqueGil) which are very important to make the photo visible to everyone.

The number of [posts] depends on what's going on with LizQuen or whatever event they have on that day. If they have a media launch or promotion for an endorsement, movie, or TV show, we have more content to post. We regularly check and get notifications from Liza and Enrique's official Instagram accounts so as soon as they post a photo, Instagram Story, or Instagram Live, we repost it immediately.

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Tasks are not divided in the team because all of us are doing personal activities such as work, school, family etc., so whoever has time to go online and research, she can post content on Instagram. However, we make sure to post updates on our social media accounts daily despite the busy schedule. We show support to LizQuen no matter what.

Are you in contact with LizQuen's management? Do they give you content?

Yes, we're contact with LizQuen's management and endorsement companies. Sometimes we receive invites and messages from the endorsement companies asking help when they have online promotional activity. They give us content and the posting schedule. We also receive messages from ABS-CBN like TFC, ABS-CBN Store, and Star Cinema asking us to help them in promoting international shows, TV shows, movies, LizQuen merchandise, magazine covers, etc. We help them by reposting content from their social media as long as it is related to LizQuen.

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How do you source your content?

We get content from social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the ABS-CBN website. We also post fan club content like announcements and projects (charity events, movie block screening etc.).

We make our own content to post. For example: If LizQuen has a mall show, endorsement launch, TV guesting, taping etc., we go there to take photos and videos. We also do Facebook Live if we can. Now that Instagram has new features, we will try Instagram Live.

We are also part of ABS-CBN Adober Studios, so we get to attend LizQuen press conferences and other media events, which in turn give us original content.

What do you do apart from managing @tataklizquenofficialWhat is your day job?

We manage other Tatak LizQuen Official social media accounts such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. We also work professionally in the fields of education, medicine, and information technology.

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Have you ever met LizQuen in person? What was the experience like?

Yes, we have met them many times. We usually see each other when we visit them on set and during mall shows. LizQuen also attend movie block screenings that we organize. As a fan club, we are very active and give our full support to LizQuen in all their projects here in the Philippines or even outside the country.

What's the thing you love most about Liza and Enrique?

We love LizQuen's personality and attitude. They are good, smart, kind, sweet, funny, and accommodating to everyone—very humble and real. They show who they really are on-cam and off-cam. There is no dull moment every time we see or talk to them. They are very fun to be with, but professional when it comes to work. We witnessed their dedication [to their craft] so it's no doubt Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano are the best actors of this generation. For the two years (almost) we've been supporting LizQuen, we always say this: "Hindi kami nagkamali ng artistang sinusuportahan."

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