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WATCH: Kathryn Bernardo And Alden Richards Haggle Like Pros While Shopping For Pasalubong In Hong Kong


As the release of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden RichardsHello, Love, Goodbye gets closer and closer, we’re learning more about what happened behind the scenes of the movie about two Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong. We found out that Kathryn learned how to clean the toilet and give a pedicure in order to really get into her role as a helper. We learned that Alden lost 20 pounds after being called “mataba” by director Cathy Garcia-Molina. And now, a new discovery: Kathryn and Alden haggle like pros when shopping! 


In this challenge in Hong Kong where they filmed the movie, Kathryn and Alden had 500 HKD (P3,260) and 10 minutes to shop for pasalubong at the market. Kathryn’s technique: say “too expensive” and give your sweetest smile! Watching her, Alden said, “Galing tumawad.”

Alden advised viewers, “Para magmukhang madami ang binili mo, bumili ka ng malalaki pero mura. O kaya bili ka ng set tapos paghiwa-hiwalayin mo.” Also try saying, “I only have this amount.”

At the end of the challenge, Kathryn came out with shirts and toothbrush holders, while Alden got magnets and chopsticks. They advised viewers when shopping in Hong Kong, “Tawad to the max kasi ibibigay naman nila.” And don’t forget to say “please!”

You can watch their pasalubong challenge below:

Hello, Love, Goodbye hits theaters on July 31. 

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