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Kathryn Bernardo Starts Her Waist Training Journey As She Strives To Be A 'Better Version' Of Herself

Is waist training something you're game to try too?

It's no secret that Kathryn Bernardo *works hard* to achieve her slim figure.The actress often shares her fitness habits on social media. And ever since the lockdown began, Kathryn said that she swore to herself that she'd work out at least thrice a week to keep her body healthy. She even posted a vlog that showed the kinds of exercises she does to get toned abs at home.

Adding to the actress' fitness arsenal is a recent post on Insta where she said that she's starting her waist training journey with the help of a corset!

On Instagram, the Kapamilya actress shared a photo of herself wearing a black corset and wrote, "Always trying to be the better version of who I was yesterday."

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If it's your first time to hear about "waist training," then listen up. According to Healthline, waist trainers are undergarments made of thick fabric and hard metal boning. It's usually worn around the midsection and cinched with either hooks or Velcro. 

While it's not exactly a girdle, it's a lot tighter than that. The "training" requires the user to wear the garment frequently for several months. There are several benefits to wearing one, including achieving an hourglass figure, weight loss, decreased appetite, and better posture!

Other celebs who've gotten in on waist training include Sofia Andres, Julia Montes, Jessy Mendiola, and Beauty Gonzalez, who shared, "We women also aspire to have hourglass figures like those leading ladies in the Golden Age of Hollywood movies."

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