KC Concepcion's Top 5 Naturally Beautiful Women

A firm believer in natural beauty, KC tells Cosmo what she finds beautiful in five celebrated women.
  1. "Julia Roberts. She's very vocal about aging gracefully. She hardly wears makeup. You need makeup when you go out to any public event, but in a lot of her movies, she's always just bare-faced, so I really like that about her."

  2. "Tyra Banks is probably also somebody who's very open about imperfections, because she's known as a supermodel, but in her show, she makes it an advocacy to campaign for natural beauty also, you know? She'll remove her push-up bra then remove her makeup on air! That's something I appreciate about her."

  3. "Even somebody like Ellen Degeneres, who's naturally who she is, who's proud of who she is, who doesn't try to conform. She stands for something. I think what you see is what you get, and I think that's beautiful, too."

  4. "Of course, and naturally, I would choose my mom (Sharon Cuneta). She's somebody who has never taught me anything about being vain. Honestly, she has no regimen whatsoever, so I guess in that sense, you can say it's like what you see is her at her most natural. She really doesn't have a beauty regimen, like creams or anything like that. I walk into her bathroom and it's seriously just the basics."

  5. "I work with Laurence Ligier [from the Chameleon Foundation which helps survivors of sexual abuse]. She's French-Filipina. She's a friend of mine, but also somebody that I work with who always reminds me that, you know, she always checks up on me, "Are you happy with this life?" She has survived all these life-threatening situations because of what she does, and she's really all about being an authentic person, even in work like this. She's not jaded, but she's also not fazed by all of this glitz and glamour."

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