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KD Estrada On Alexa Ilacad: 'She's my greatest takeaway in PBB and I'll always treasure that'

'At least I got to leave with someone who's dear to me.'
kd estrada on relationship with alexa ilacad

KD Estrada recently sat down for an interview with Miguel Dumaual and he opened up about his experience inside the Pinoy Big Brother house and his relations with fellow PBB alumni, Alexa Ilacad

KD explained that Alexa was one of his first friends inside the PBB house. Speaking on the changes whether inside or outside of the house, KD had this to say: "It feels like nothing changed with me and her. She became one of my first friends inside the house talaga, because I opened up to her about how I was feeling, and it turns out, she was also going through similar stuff."


He added, "Magka-wavelength lang kami and in a sense na even if we don't talk, it's not awkward. It's just nice having that kind of person." 

Miguel then asked how it feels that he got eliminated on the same day as Alexa. He said, "It's nice kasi we both got evicted. We're already a team, we're already a duo inside the house, and if either one of us stayed inside the house, it would feel incomplete. At least I got to leave with someone who's dear to me."

Alexa recently said in an interview that KD is her "greatest takeaway" from her PBB journey. When Miguel asked KD what he thought of this, the 19-year-old was quick to say, "I feel the same." He added, "She's my greatest takeaway in PBB and I'll always treasure what we have."

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KD said, "That’s what's healthy about me and Lex, we feed off each other. We have each other as each other's support. We are each other's support system. We can do well on our own, but we're stronger together."

Out of curiosity, Miguel also asked KD what the turning point was when he first called Alexa "ate" but eventually switched to calling her "sweetie" or "baby". KD shared, "It started with Lex lang. I don't know, I just started to use the terms 'sweetie' [and] 'baby' not just kay Lex, but Lex is a special case." He said that he'd also use the term with Shanaia Gomez and Samantha Bernardo but maintained that Alexa is a "special" case. He said, "With Lex, it's more special, that's why I actually genuinely feel kasi love ko talaga si Alexa, e. She's always been there."

KD also revealed that he has a music project lined up with Alexa. While he didn't elaborate on the details, KD said, "It's gonna be very natural with Alexa. We've made songs inside the house, we've done a lot, we collaborated so much. It's gonna flow well."