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7 *Kilig* K-Dramas About Marriage Contracts To Stream Now

korean dramas about marriage contracts

We've all had our fair share of the marriage contract trope. You know how this goes: two people reluctantly enter into a fake/forced marriage. Though they're antagonistic towards each other at first, the animosity eventually blossoms into something real after they tide through a series of unexpected events together. Though it's been tried-and-tested one too many times, there's just something about this cliché formula that we can't get enough o,f especially when it comes in the form of K-dramas

If you're just like us, below we list down seven dramas about marriage contracts that will surely get your heart racing.

1. Full House

Watch it on: Netflix, YouTube

Han Ji Eun, an aspiring scriptwriter, inherits the house built by her late father. However, after falling for a scam set up by her own friends, she unknowingly loses the property after it's sold to Lee Young Jae, a famous but selfish actor. To keep her hold on to the house, she agrees to enter into a contract marriage with Youn Je who's simply out to make his crush jealous. Forced to live together, the two warring personalities soon learn that maybe there's more to the other than meets the eye.

Starring: Song Hye KyoRainHan Eun Jung

2. Marriage Contract

Watch it on: Netflix, Viu

After learning of her terminal illness a poor and widowed mom, Hye Soo, buried in her late husband's debt, stops at nothing to save up money for her daughter once she passes. When her boss offers her a proposal she can't refuse, she agrees to be his wife for three months, in hopes of leaving her seven-year-old with a legal guardian.


Starring: Lee Seo Jin, Uee, Kim Yong Geon

3. Princess Hours

Watch it on: Viu

Based on an online manhwa, Princess Hours is set in an alternate universe where Korea's monarchy has endured up until the present day. The series is centered on the feisty and bubbly Shin Chae Gyeong who's world is turned upside down upon learning of her late grandfather’s will: to marry the aloof Crown Prince Lee Shin. Resistant at first, she eventually agrees to the marriage in order to salvage her debt-ridden family.

Starring: Yoon Eun HyeJu Ji HoonKim Jeong Hoon

4. The King 2 Hearts

Watch it on: Netflix, Viu

Humorous and carefree, South Korea's Prince Lee Jae Ha wants little to do with his family's political affairs. His blissful life, however, is overturned in the blink of an eye when a national catastrophe puts him on the throne. Caught in the negotiations between South Korea and North Korea, he's forced to marry Kim Hang Ah, an elite North Korean police officer, in hopes of keeping the peace between the two countries.

Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji WonJo Jung Suk

5. Because This Is My First Life

Watch it on: Netflix, Viu

A house poor-man and a homeless woman decide to marry and become housemates in order to save money. Their plan hits a snag when they're forced to not only deal with prying in-laws but their own growing feelings for each other as well. 

Starring: Jung So Min, Lee Min Ki, Lee Som

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6. Lie To Me

Watch it on: Netflix

In a bid to save face, Gong Ah Jung, an employee at the Ministry of Culture, entangles herself in a web of lies when she tells her antagonistic friend that she's married to hotel CEO Hyun Ki Joon. When rumors of the supposed secret marriage spread, the wealthy president seeks out Ah Jung to make her publicly retract the lie. Before the latter can get the chance to do so, the pair go through a series of events that eventually lead them to believe that being married for the time being would be beneficial for both of them.

Starring: Yoon Eun Hye, Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Joon

7. You Are My Destiny

Watch on: Netflix

When Lee Gun, the heir to a large company, and Kim Mi Young, an ordinary-looking secretary, have too much to drink, their one-night stand results into the latter getting pregnant. Deciding to take responsibility for their actions, the two agree on a shotgun wedding and soon have to learn how to navigate their strange marriage.

Starring: Jang HyukJang Na Ra, Choi Jin Hyuk


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