Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson to Judge in American Idol

The former AI contestants are set to return to the show as judges.

Former American Idol contestants Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson are set to return to the show as judges.

Kelly—who won the first season in 2002—and Jennifer—who placed seventh in 2004—have been approached by producers to join the panel of the new series after they decided to replace Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban.

Veteran judge Randy Jackson recently quit the show and bosses want to return to a three-person format, with Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert among those who have been approached to take the final spot.

A Fox source told E! News: "Nothing is final yet, it's 95% there. The alum panel will be Fox's attempt to reignite ratings by bringing back Idol faces that the fans care about. It's Idol stars guiding the next generation"

The decision to return to a three-judge format for the first time in five years was reportedly made in a bid to combat the Fox show's declining ratings as it enters its 13th season.

Kevin Reilly, Fox's entertainment chairman, said: "The format will have fresh twists for next season."

Kevin went on to hint the expanded middle rounds were likely to be revamped since he believes they are responsible for dwindling viewing figures.

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